Monday, December 04, 2006

Philippine Franchise Business Food And Beverage

Food And Beverage

  • Wraps Mediterranean Cafe

  • Park n’ go bakeshop

  • Wei Chuan Chinese food court

  • Zwarma Persian sandwich

  • Franchising Zhon coffee shop

  • Franchising Zagu pearl shake

  • Franchising World chicken fast food

  • Franchising Wonder waffle food kiosk

  • Franchising Waffle world

  • Franchising Waffle time

  • Franchising Waffle express

  • Via Mare restaurant

  • The uni food of Asia (TUFA)

  • Tortilla fusion food kiosk

  • Tong Yang restaurant

  • Tita Tatta restaurant

  • The Tea square

  • Thirsty? Juice and shakes

  • Thai BBQ restaurant

  • Teazers fruit drinks

  • Ted's La paz batchoy

  • TCBY - The country's best yougurt

  • Tang City Chinese restaurant

  • Tacomio food kiosk

  • Sugar n' Beans cafe

  • Subway sandwiches and salads

  • Superbowl restaurant

  • Streetballs (Kikiam, fishballs, atbp.)

  • Steak MD steak house

  • Spaceburger hamburger kiosk

  • Sonyda Ichi-ban fastfood

  • Smokin' Rice fastfood

  • Saigon's Best restaurant

  • Smokey's hotdog bar

  • Slippery Sam food kiosk

  • Shakey's pizza

  • Shago food kiosk

  • Seattle's Best coffee shop

  • Sbarro restaurant

  • Sari-sari breadstore bakeshop

  • Royal Caribbean Jamaican patties

  • Reyes barbecue food kiosk

  • Red Ninja dimsum food kiosk

  • RBX Rice in a box

  • R. Lapid's chicharon

  • Rai Rai Ken Japanese restaurant

  • Quick Stix squid balls, kikiam

  • Potato Madness fries kiosk

  • Potato Corner fries

  • Popoy's grill

  • Pop n Spin food kiosk

  • Plato Wraps food cart

  • Pizza Hut restaurant

  • Pinoy Waffle

  • Pinoydon rice bowls

  • Pick and Mix candy mix

  • Pancit Malabon

  • Pancake house

  • Padi's point bar and restaurant

  • Orange Drew juice drink

  • Orange Julius fruit shake kiosk

  • Odd balls food kiosk

  • NY fries and dips

  • NY fries and dips

  • Nacho King

  • Mr. Softy ice cream

  • Mr. Frosty ice cream

  • More balls food station

  • Monterey meat shop

  • Mongolian quick-stop restaurant

  • Mongkok express fastfood

  • Mister Donut doughnut shop

  • Miggy's super tacos

  • Mario's kitchen restaurant

  • Max's restaurant

  • Manila Foodshoppe

  • Mang Inasal chicken BBQ

  • Mang Bok's lechon manok

  • Mama Gie

  • Majestic ham

  • Lot's a pizza

  • Lolo Tinong's bakery

  • Lapid's "Chicharific"

  • Kublai Khan's restaurant

  • Korean palace restaurant

  • Kookel's lechon manok

  • Kiss king of balls

  • King Pin's food house

  • Keru burger kiosk

  • Kentucky fried chicken (KFC)

  • Kanin ni Tisay fastfood

  • Julie's bakeshop

  • Josephine restaurant

  • Jo's waffle food kiosk

  • Jollibee fastfood

  • JM peanutworld

  • Jellagoo food kiosk

  • Javi's steak and burger

  • Innwraps pizza kiosk

  • IMA restaurant

  • Ichizen Japanese food and cafe

  • Ice castle halo-halo and ice cream house

  • Hotshots flame-grilled burger

  • Ho-Lee-Chow restaurant

  • Hennessy supreme (Pizza and more)

  • Hacienda Pempoy Piaya

  • Haagen Dazs ice cream

  • Greenwich pizza

  • Goto king fastfood

  • Gerry's grill

  • Goldilocks bakeshop

  • Go nuts donut

  • Giacominos fastfood kiosk

  • Fruitas fruit shakes

  • Forest house restaurant

  • Fruit magic healthy foods

  • Fiorgelato

  • Figaro coffee shop

  • Fat tuesday restaurant

  • Fat Choi Hong Kong style fast food

  • Extra joss energy drink station

  • El pollo loco fastfood

  • Don Henrico's pizza

  • Domino's pizza

  • Dome cafe shop

  • Dippin' dots ice cream kiosk

  • Dimsum and dumpling

  • Di Mark's pizza

  • Delifresh organic restaurant

  • Dairy queen ice cream

  • Cucina Victoria restaurant

  • Crepes de France Paris cafe

  • Crystal clear water refill station

  • Creamee D-lite soft ice cream

  • Cravings restaurant and bakeshop

  • Congo grille restaurant and music bar

  • Colette's buko pie at pasalubong

  • Coffee indulgence cafe

  • The coffee experience cafe

  • Coffee dream shop

  • The coffee beanery coffee shop

  • CinnZeo bakeshop

  • Cinnabon bakeshop

  • Chowarma food kiosk

  • Chowking fastfood

  • Choo-Choo waffle

  • Chinky's fastfood

  • China China foods

  • Chillers fruit shake

  • Cherry Hill bakeshop

  • Cha Gio Vietnamese restaurant

  • Carl's Jr. fastfood

  • Candy corner store

  • California pizza kitchen

  • Cafe Appassionato

  • Cabalen restaurant

  • Buy the bucket snack food

  • Butterworld bakeshop

  • Brownies fried chicken and burgers

  • Bugong roast chicken

  • Brothers burgers

  • Bread connection bakeshop

  • Boxy gourmet rice kiosk

  • BOX-E! gourmet fried rice

  • Boy Bondat food kiosk

  • Botoy's lechon manok

  • Bo's coffee club cafe

  • Blue bacon cafe

  • Bistro Angelo restaurant

  • Binalot fiesta foods

  • Biggs diner restaurant

  • Belgian fries

  • Balut eggspress

  • Balay Bacolod chicken inasal

  • Auntie Anne's pretzel

  • Aristocrat restaurant

  • AquaHealth water refill station

  • Aquabest pure drinking water

  • Aqua 2000 water refill station

  • Andy's crunchicken

  • All u need station

  • Aldrino's bibingka espesyal

  • Aboys restaurant

  • 707 Specialty bakery

  • 15,000 Php food booth franchise

  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

  • Gourmet's Xpresso

  • Hap Chan Tea House

  • Grilla Bar and Grill

  • Orbitz Pearl Shakes

  • Pure Flow Water Refill Station

  • Sub Delicious Steak Hoagy

  • 3M Pizza Pie

  • Franchising Pizzarina

  • Bread Republic

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    Anonymous said...

    Hi. I'm pinoy but living abroad. Gusto ko ng bumalik sa atin dahil naniniwala ako na may pag-asa pa ang Pilipinas lalo na kung magkakaroon ng sariling business, anyway, sobrang nkatulong k sa akin, sobrang simple ang blog mo yet very useful. keep it up!

    cool_78 said...

    Thank you so much for your kind words :-)

    Anonymous said...

    Hello! This link is not working. (15,000 franchise). Thanks & great job with your blog! Very helpful.

    cool_78 said...

    Thanks very much for your kind words.

    Their site must be experiencing some sort of technical difficulty. I Hope they come back soon.

    joselito62 said...

    hi cool_78... the link was passed to me by a good friend who once tried to reseach his new found adventure sa Pinas. unfortunately due to health reason he needed to come back tothe U.S.
    your blog was very informative and exciting thu could you give info about where to buy equipment for a cafe bussiness in the Philippines. i know you got lots of franchise to look for but due limitted fund i might not be able meet their requirements.
    again thanks and please keep me posted as well.

    cool_78 said...

    Thanks very much for the compliments Joselito62 :-)cafe equipment can be bought in most SM and Robinson malls. But if you are looking for the best deals, the place to look for bargains in cafe equipment is going to the news stands and buying a copy of buy & sell. It's a very popular ads only paper. Or you could head over to their website for more great deals.

    Anonymous said...

    hello, how can someone who recently graduated from college, has no job yet, no money, no connections whatsoever, start out a career that can lead to being an expert in franchise business development? than you very much. hope to hear from you soon


    cool_78 said...

    You must first decide what kind of franchise business you want to get into. After deciding, look for a job that is related to your chosen field so you can learn while saving money to start your own business. Some franchise business do not require very big initial investment to start.

    Even if you have the money to start your own business immediately I would still advice against it. Get a job or be an apprentice to someone who's field is related to what you want to get in to. No amount textbook reading can substitute the knowledge you can acquire from an actual on the job work experience to start a successful business.

    Hope that helps and thanks for visiting my blog :-)

    oscar said...

    hello, malapit ng mag bukas ang SM deto sa amin at gusto ko pong mag franchise. Meron po akong nakitana pangalan "SIOMAI HOUSE". Paano ko po ma contact ito, franchise ba ito, kindly provide me contact nos. and more details. thanks

    oscar said...

    i just wonder if you can provide me details of this name "SIOMAI HOUSE", is this a franchise name??? kindly provide me conatc nos. and address. thanks.

    cool_78 said...

    Hi there Oscar. This is the contact numbers for Siomai House 3621902 and 3630226. Good luck on your business venture!

    Gina said...

    I want to post our cart business for franchise in your blog. What are your requirements to join your blog? Thanks!

    cool_78 said...

    Hi Gina! Thanks for your interest in posting your food cart business in Pinoyfranchising :-) you can email me your food cart information at and I will gladly post it here. Thanks again and please continue to support my blog.

    cheche said...

    Hi! Just wanna say that your site is great, as in! It's a big, big help for people who are trying to jump into the franchising bandwagon. Keep it up!

    cool_78 said...

    Thank you very much for your kind words cheche :-) I hope I was able to help and please tell your friends about my site.

    jay18 said...

    hi cool_78, just want to ask what kind of business i can make for 10,000 - 20,000 pesos. can i franchise? (food and beverage if ever) thank you. please advice.

    cool_78 said...

    Hello jay18. If you are looking to acquire a franchise which cost 10k to 20k, there are some food franchises like waffle and fruit drinks as well as ink reloading and e-load dealership.

    But if you are looking to start a business with only 10k to 20k as your capital then I would suggest you to go into the e-loading, call and text, game and Internet card business.

    Your overhead will be low because you only need to put up a small stand and most of the products you will sell are usually on a consignment basis, meaning if you are unable to sell a particular card, you can return it to your distributor no questions asked.

    Your earnings will depend on different factors like location, foot traffic and number of competitors operating in your area.

    jamejune2005 said...

    Can anyone help me how to francise a siomao house and if anyone knows a good area to put up this business somewhere in Quezon City. Thank you very much.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi. I just viewed ur site and it helps me a lot to pick what kind of franchising will i pursue..ur blog is so cool and informative...Thank you..u help me a lot..hope u put more franchising business in ur site..

    Anonymous said...

    hi cool_78... wat if i hav a 300,000 pesos... anu ung the best n maifrnchise ko or mging sriling business ko... anu po maiisuggest mo... kc gusto ko mgbusiness eh... hehehe... here my email add... tnx po...

    Anonymous said...

    hi po wat if meron akong 300,000 pesos anu po ung mgndang ifranchise ko or mging business ko... tnx po in advnce... heres my email add

    Anonymous said...

    hi cool_78. i am interested in franchising siomai house. can you give me details about it? do they have their own website?
    thanks in advance!!!

    Anonymous said...

    hi ung sa jolibee franchise po ba... eh nid n agad ng 10milyon po agad... at pede rin po ask... kpg ngfranchise ba how much of the income ang mpupunta sau.... para mbwi rin ung capital mo.. nid explantion po hehehe... tnx po...

    Dark Lord said...

    any idea how much franchising hen lin, the kiosk type?

    biLLy ^^ said...

    anyone knows if Tasty dumplings is open for franchise?

    Anonymous said...

    hi there! super ganda ng blogsite mo..i've gained much info re. some business opportunities of which my husband and I were thinking most of the time since he works abroad and i just stay at's hopin more people will visit your site coz you're such a big help for us..ciao!

    cool_78 said...

    Thanks so much for your kind words guys :-)

    Gina said...

    Hi cool78!
    I really appreciated your blog.
    Aside from helping people in finding a great business venture, you also help us franchisors in promoting our business.
    I'm one of the franchisor who wants to post our business in your blog. Hope you allow us to promote our business in your nice blog. Thanks!

    cool_78 said...

    Hi there Gina. I'll be glad to post your business here. Please email me at Thanks!

    Anonymous said...

    Hi, I'm Analyn Rosales and I'm interested to franchise waffle time. I want to know what are the requirements that i need to comply in order to start a business with them Can i ask for the full details of what do i need?...

    thanks a lot and i will be waiting for your reply...Hope to hear from you as soon as possible..Thanks..

    cool_78 said...

    Hello Analyn! You can visit the Waffle Time for the details.

    Anonymous said...

    hey cool_78,
    i came across your blog just this very moment, i'm just wondrin' if you have an idea regarding siomai house website or any contact details of Bernabest Food Products, that's the company behind the successful siomai house. i've been searching for their contact info for a month now but to no avail. Can you help me, PLEASE...thanks very email:

    mokuyobi said...

    hey cool_78,
    could you please help me find details or website for siomai house? i want to get a franchise but i can't find informations or contact from them. Hope you can help me...Thanks...You've been a great help to entrepinoys!

    Anonymous said...

    Can you please help me find how much is the franchise fee of Mandarin Tea restaurant. Thank You. Have a good day.

    Armand said...

    hi! I just want to know where could I find the contact number and address of bernebest food products,the one responsiblke for siomai house....thanks ho and more power! please email me at

    armand said...

    hi Im armand escueta, just want to know the contact number of siomai house of bernabest food products. Im interested in its franchise,my email address is thanks you and more power...dami mo natutulungan.

    ventatodo said...






    FOR MORE INFO: CALL (02) 473-4493 & 0915-992-7273




    pat sison said...

    hi! i noticed that there are some interested in franchising siomai house. im am one of those but cant find the details about siomai house. please send me email if you know some information about them..thank you so much !

    Anonymous said...

    thank you so much for the very informative blog. right now im still studying things.. hopefully ill be able to find what franchise business suits me. anyway, can you help me find "happy house donuts"? im not really sure if i spelled that right. but hopefully you can give me some infos about it even just the site or contact number. i cant seem to find it in the internet. i heard of it from a friend and i just wanna check it out. thank you very much!

    Anonymous said...

    hi gusto ko din sanang magbusiness..ask ko lang kung ndi ba available ang siomai house for franchise???

    Anonymous said...

    hi cool..napacool ng blogs mo ah...actually plan n min magbusiness ng bestfriend q..gusto nmin magfranchise ng zagu,siomai house or water refiling station..pwede u b maibigay ung mga links's my email add:

    thanks in advance..i'm looking forward to ur immediate response...

    GOD speed..ganda ng blogs mo very useful...


    cool_78 said...

    Thanks so much for your kind words lhorie :-) I will send you the info via email as soon as possible. Thanks so much again!

    Anonymous said...

    20 Questions

    Questions to ask the franchisor to help you assess their franchise opportunity
    Here are some questions you might like to ask. Please bear in mind that there are many types of franchises and you may have to tailor these questions to suit the specific franchise you are enquiring about.

    1.Will you supply me with a breakdown of all costs necessary to open the business?
    2.Are there any other costs I can expect to be asked for?
    3.Do I have to pay a deposit or upfront payment, and if I do not proceed will I lose my deposit or any part of it?
    4.How much working capital do you think I need, and what help can you give me in estimating my projections?
    5.How long will it take to start trading from the time I sign the contract?
    6.What will training consist of and how long will it last and are all training costs included in my franchise fee?
    7.What is my expected break even and how long should it take me to reach this figure?
    8.Do you charge ongoing franchise fees and if so what are they and how are they calculated?
    9.Do I have to contribute to any other costs such as advertising and promotional expenditure that you incur, if so how much?
    10.What help, if any, will I receive if I want to do some advertising and promotion on my own?
    11.After I have opened, what ongoing support will I be provided with?
    12.What help and guidance do you offer in site selection?
    13.Can I be provided with a full list of all franchisees in the network and can I contact them?
    14.Do you provide instructional and operational manuals and can I see them prior to signing?
    15.Have any franchisees failed, and if so why?
    16.How thoroughly do you vet prospective franchisees to maintain a high standard in the network?
    17.Will the territory offered be for my sole and exclusive use?
    18.Are you currently operating in areas with similar demographics as my proposed territory?
    19.How do you handle grievances with existing franchisees?
    20.Does your company see any threats in the current marketplace?

    Anonymous said...

    Hi. nice page this.. I am starting bussinesss in Phil this november but having trouble finding the right suppliers. I am starting a combined Bakery/Catering/restuarant 3in1 as its called anyone know where/who to contact for diffrent machines?

    Anonymous said...

    looking for an prime location for your business. pls try to call 850-3845 leasing Dept.Starmall Alabang and look for jay aguilar

    Anonymous said... you have an idea if Mr. Kebab (qeuzon ave.) is open for franchising?thanks

    Cor said...

    Can you please help me by giving the necessary info regarding Dunkin Donut franchising.
    Thanks in advance.

    sw33t_reigne said...

    Hello po, i just wanna ask if you know the contact detail about KHELAB SHAWARMA? gusto ko po sana mag franchise kung pwede, pano po malaman if ng franchise sila at ibang detail about their product.. thanks


    Anonymous said...

    hi, can you give me the contact number for taipan express? tnx alot. :)

    Anonymous said...

    hello!! I really appreciated your blog.i hope more people will visit your a newly grad, and it is my first time searching for some business and ur blog really helps a lot.. thank u! and also i don't have an idea how to make a letter of intent.. can you pls help me..:)thank u again and more power!!

    Anonymous said...

    gandang hapon. gusto ko po sana mag franchise ng siomai stall or hongkong noodles. Wala po ba kayo ?eto po email add ko.

    lana said...

    hello, u have contact details for khaleb shawarma?or ali baba? im interested in franchising shwarma kasi its a personal favorite. thank u so much

    richgray41 said...

    Hi hello,Please can anyone help me with this.I am living in the uk and want to have a franchise of Oishi Manju.I have a box of theres from when i was last in the phillipines and i have tried to contact them but they have not replied.I was hoping that someoen here would be able to help me out and find out how i can get a franchise for this.I would be extremely grateful to you if this is at all possible.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi cool_78 thank you for creating this site which provides info for those who are interested in putting up a small business. Please also include details on services provided for kids activity like the one i saw in MOA (DAVE'S - not sure with the name) wherein kids can play for 1 hr or more. Thank you.

    coffee shop said...

    We supply fresh VEGETABLES / SEAFOOD for manufacturing, production & selling needs. We cater to restaurants and food chains in and around Metro Manila.
    For details & inquiries, please contact below

    Mobile: +639178422168
    Landline: 5670371

    Our products below
    Please advise us on any quality or size standard that you may have so that we can comply. Ampalaya
    Banana Heart ( Bungahan )
    Banana Heart ( mistiso )
    Banana Heart ( white )
    Camote (white)
    Camote (yellow)
    Cauliflower Celery Chicharo
    Garlic Peeled
    Green Pepper Green Mango
    Lettuce Baguio
    Lettuce Native
    Mango Ripe
    Onion White
    Petchay Baguio
    Petchay Native
    Potato ( Jumbo )
    Raddish Red Pepper
    Spring Onion
    Talong Big Selected
    Tenga ng Daga

    Crab Meat White Blast Frozen / pack
    Crab Meat Red Blast Frozen / pack
    Peeled Shrimp Frozen C3 / pack
    Mahi Mahi Fillet Vacuim pack Galonggong Frozen 10kls / box (male)
    Galonggong Frozen 10kls / box (female)
    Black Tiger Prawns 21-30 pcs / kilo
    Black Tiger Prawns 31-40 pcs / kilo
    Black Tiger Prawns 41-50 pcs / kilo
    Suajeng dagat 31-40 pcs / kilo
    Suajeng dagat 41-50 pcs / kilo
    Suajeng dagat 51-60 pcs / kilo
    Alimasag ( Meduim )
    Alimasag ( Big )


    jacky said...

    hi i am interested in this bernabest food product serving siomai...nagpapafranchise ba sila...please provide me naman ng contact number and more details...i would be very happy if you reply on my inquiry...salamat po...

    jolan said...

    Hi Gud Day!

    Do you want to start your own food business?
    for as low as 21,888.00 on food cart products.

    NO ROYALTY FEE (no deduction on your monthly income)
    15 Years in Food Business!

    Our Company Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc. mission is to uplift the lives of ordinary Filipinos by encouraging them to become entrepreneurs!.



    Silver Cart Package (P21,888.00)
    Use Trade in name and logo
    1 Unit Stainless / Collapsible Cart
    Crew Uniforms
    Marketing Collaterals
    Initial Product Inventory upto 500 pesos worth of food product
    Advertising Support
    Notarized Franchise Contract
    DTI Assistance
    Training of Service Crew
    Product Updates and Price List
    Business Registration Seminar
    Franchise Seminar
    Marketing and Sales Campaign
    ACCIDENT INSURANCE from Sun Life Financial


    * Pinoy Pao - Siopao (tiny, regular and jumbo) and siomai (pork, shrimp and sharksfin)
    * Jacks Eatabols - [Fried bites -- fishball, squidball, kikiam, chicken ball]
    * Pinoy Patatas Pries - French fries - [regular and flavored, cheese, barbecue, sour cream]
    * Pinoy Pizza - [ham & cheese, hawaiian, pepperoni, langonisa, carne norte, tuna anghang, pizza pinoy espesay, pizza sandwich]
    * Happy Waffle - Waffles P 28,888.00 without waffle maker P21,888.00
    * Burgeroo - Buy 1 take 1 Burger
    * RedBowl(RICE IN A BOWL) - [java rice w/ egg & mixed veg. w/ a choice of toppings from siomai, corned beef, tocino, sweet ham, beef teriyaki (best seller), beef & mushroom etc!!]
    * O' Noodles(Hongkong Style Noodles!) - P23,888.00 [Stir Fry Noodles w/ a choice of Pork Siomai, Dumplings and Beef Balls for toppings w/ Toyomansi, Teriyaki and Chili Garlic oil for its sauce!]
    * Emperor Siomai - [Pork, Sharksfin & Shrimp Siomai, Quail Egg Siomai, Ham Siomai, Pork Mushroom Siomai, Kani Crab Siomai, Chili Crab Siomai, Hotdogs!]
    * I Love Sysig - P38,888 [Delicious, Fresh and hot sisig served with rice.]
    * Raja Kabab - P45,888 [shawarma (Beef, chicken).]

    We also have different kind of carts, like 2in1 cart and 3in1.
    koisk cart designed for malls.

    for more information. call or text at 09228234599 or email me at


    Anonymous said...

    Hello everyone, i'm living here in cebbu and I would like to franchise oishi manju, anyone can help me with this? My contact number is 09068168680. Thanks for helping!

    comander said...

    hi i need help pde po ptulong kng anung contact number ng Oishi Manju ask klng sna kng kanu ung pag franchise tnx pde i send nlng po d2 sa email tnx alot mlking 2lonog po ty,

    comander said...

    ask klng ko po sna kng magkanu kng mag francshise ka ng oishi manju or any idea about this po tnx mdming slmat??? pde me email

    greg said...

    bcos of ur blog u help a lot of people maging positive or negative comment welcome pa rin, continue ur unselfish move, also post my ads ha, i have potential space near leading medical school here in valenzuela for those have no locations yet, i can help them

    Anonymous said...

    hi,i'm looking for oishi manju's franchise detail,can anyone send me the info?please email me at

    emily cerro said...

    hi,,,pwede ba malaman contact no. ng HEN LIN kasi gusto ko sanang mag inquire about franchising.thanx and more power to your blog.

    Anonymous said...

    anyone know how to franchise angels burger? tnx

    Anonymous said...

    Hi! Gudevening.. Do you have any information about OISHI MANJU??
    Coz I'm planning to franchise one here in Mindanao..

    JanMichaelTan said...

    If you are into franchising or you want to franchise please text me 09324255843 or send me an email you can also visit

    If you want to own a food cart business or be a dealer of beauty and wellness products please contact me at -Godspeed

    Anonymous said...

    I like your blog. I have been looking of how to franchise oishi manju. Maybe you can help me on how to contact them? Cheers!

    Anonymous said...

    Hi cool_78! I came across your blog site just now. Would you have any contact number for a franchise called Box O'Rice? Would appreciate it very much if you can provide me. More Power...TRADEVENTURE

    catherinelansang said...

    hi! i want to start a business using coconut shakes and juices. i saw 1 in SM pampanga. i wonder here can i have or buy the franchise? thanks!

    Anonymous said...

    LKY Development Corporation, owner and developer of various subdivisions, commercial centers and other business developments, would like to introduce you to its premier and newest commercial and development project in Legazpi City, Albay – “Grand Terminal.”

    Legazpi Terminal, envisioned to be the “first ever state-of-the-art transport terminal in the south,” is a 3.9 ha. development of a classy transport terminal facility and a business commercial center. It is strategically located at the heart of Legazpi City overlooking the magnificent Mayon Volcano. Projected to be the weary travelers’ perfect rest stop, The Metro will be offering the residents and commuters an impressive roster of dining choices shopping finds, and entertainment and leisure sites.

    Legazpi Terminal is composed of its exclusive integral transport terminal and commercial center, showcasing a shopping and an entertainment hub.

    The Transport Terminal offers first-rate terminal services with its modern well mapped-out system and state-of-the-art services and facilities. Among them are the high-end monitors hooked-up to the system and the computerized entrance and exit systems for a maximum security. It also manages the operation and interface of various land–based transport services such as buses, jeepneys, and filcabs. Hence, ensuring the fast and efficient terminal operations and making travel a whole lot easier for commuters.

    Conversely, the Commercial Center equipped with its activity area, will be one of the top destination malls. With offerings of an exciting line up of food, entertainment and shopping selection the patrons will surely love. For the shopper’s comfort and convenience, it is divided into several shopping zones, each with its own unique attractions.

    And being aggressive to be one of the front liners in the retail industry, we are in the lookout for concepts that would complement the tenant mix and add value to our projects, as well as one that would be appreciated by its target market. Hence, we have selected you to be part of our wonderful project. We are pleased to offer you a space here at Legazpi Terminal.

    To date, two of our anchor tenants such as Save More and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) will be opening soon. Hence, this will immensely increase the foot traffic in the area. Likewise, other developments include Jollibee’s and Red Ribbon’s upcoming stores’ constructions.

    And in our thrust to improve our Terminal’s image, we are also in active negotiations with a number of food and service-oriented shops complementing our tenant mix.

    We hope you are amenable to the area and the terms we are proposing. We would be glad to meet with you to discuss our proposal further, as well as show you the location we are offering. Should you have questions or if you need further information, please feel free to call the undersigned at tel. nos. 470-2334 to 36, 584-1851 (telefax) and we would be glad to assist you. You may also email us thru

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