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Franchising Nacho king

The Nacho King Advantage

Here are a few reasons why a Nacho King Mall Cart or Mini-Cart Franchise might be the best investment option for you:

Established Name
Having aggressively expanded our business since 1995, you benefit from a wide and loyal customer base that identify “the best nachos in town” with the name Nacho King.

Original and Unique Concept
Nacho King is the one and only nationwide network of nacho retail outlets in the Philippines.

Experienced and Pioneering Franchisor
A franchisor since 1996, our system has been tried and tested over the years and in a number of outlets. We are constantly collaborating with our franchisees to come up with the best system possible to maximize their return on their investment.

Low Investment, Quick Payback
Nacho King presents some of the most competitive investment options for the aspiring business owner. Our Mini-Cart franchise has a low start up investment of PhP 27,000 and with Php10,500 as refundable deposit, only Php16,500 of your capital is at risk!

Dedicated Support Team
Every Nacho King franchisee is assigned a Franchise Relations Representative that is responsible for helping franchisees to operate their franchise in as efficient and profitable way possible. Nacho King also conducts regular inspections that help its franchisees with the management of their franchise. This support starts from training and continues throughout the duration of the franchise.

Marketing and Advertising
Nacho King provides its franchisees with an expansive set of marketing and advertising materials that help its franchisees in promoting the product whether it be at their retail outlet, during caterings or through their wholesaling efforts. Nacho King also conducts advertising and promotional activities that build brand and product awareness.

Easy and Convenient Purchasing
Almost all supplies are purchased from Nacho King by its franchisees, thereby providing the utmost in quality control, consistency and convenience.

Franchising FAQs

1. What do I have to do and how much do I have to invest to get a Nacho King franchise?

The steps in getting a franchise are as follows:

  • a. Review the information in this website carefully. Refer to the table above for an idea of the start up costs of attaining a franchise.
  • b. Contact us by email, fax or phone for us to be able to fax or email a copy of the application form and the list of requirements. Our contact information can be found on the contact us page
  • c. Fill in the application form COMPLETELY and send it to us together with the requirements.
  • d. We will then get in touch with you for a personal meeting with us based on our assessment of your suitability as a Nacho King franchisee.
  • e. Once you have completed the application process and are approved as franchisee, we will present you with an offer sheet detailing the terms and conditions of your franchise.

2. What is the difference between a NON-PRIME and a PRIME location?

Non Prime is usually awarded to franchisees that have locations that are not in shopping malls such as school canteens.

3. Does the initial investment include supplies?

For the three years term Php 5,000 worth of supplies is included. The supplies for the subsequent days are for the account of the franchisee.

4. How long is the franchise term?

The franchise term is either one or three years term.

5. How many outlets can I open under the franchise fee?

You can get an unlimited number of outlets for the franchise fee within the three years of the franchise, you need only pay for the cart and accessories for each new outlet.

Prime location franchisees can get an unlimited number of non-prime or prime location franchises. Non primel franchisees can get an unlimited number of non prime franchises only.

6. Are the prices set for all franchises?

We allow our franchisees to set the price as they see fit, in order to take into account their freight, municipal taxes and any other cost items that are peculiar to each franchise.

7. Where do franchisees get their supplies?

All supplies are purchased from the Nacho King head office. Delivery in Metro Manila and some parts of Luzon is available, with corresponding charges. A 5% DISCOUNT IS GIVEN FOR GOODS THAT ARE PICKED UP FROM OUR OFFICES.

8. Do you conduct location feasibility studies ?

We can conduct a feasibility study on your behalf before you invest in your franchise but there are corresponding charges to this and is subject to availability of our staff. However, we provide advice and a feasibility study form to assist prospective franchisees in assessing the profitability of their location on their own.

9. How fast will I get my money back?

Projected gross sales and net income are presented in person by a Nacho King sales representative during the interview stage. However, these are projections only and can either be lower or higher dependent on different factors particular to the prospective franchisee.

10. Can a Franchisee do catering and supply other food establishments?

Yes, These activities are highly encouraged for higher profitability of the franchisee.

11. Who will provide the manpower to operate the cart?

It is the franchisee’s responsibility to keep their franchise fully staffed. Nacho king provide access to eligible cart attendant dependent upon availability.

12. How many crew members are needed to operate a cart?

Staffing is largely a function based on sales pattern and operating hours. A minimum of two crew members is recommended.

13. Is the ownership of the franchise transferable?

The franchise is non-transferable.

14. Can I transfer business locations?

Franchisees can transfer their cart location as they deem fit but are obliged to inform Nacho King head office in writing before doing so.

15. How long is the training program?

Cart crew training is for two days while training for the franchisee takes one day.

16. Can more than one person or a corporation apply for a single franchise?

We only award franchise agreements to individuals

17. Does the franchisee need to secure business permits?

It is the franchisee's responsibility to attain the necessary government licenses and permits for their franchise.

18. Do franchisees get territorial exclusivity?

There is no territorial exclusivity granted to a Nacho King franchisee.

19.What are the profit margins (selling price versus cost of goods) on Nacho King products?

Selling margins depend on sales mix but a good figure to by is an average of 50%.

20. Can I sell my franchise to somebody else?

No. The franchise is not transferrable.

21. I am interested in learning more about becoming a Nacho King franchisee, what should I do next?

Please email us at franchising@nachoking.com or fax us at 821 0360 a letter signifying your interest along with your full name and the fax number or email address where we can send you an application form with an accompanying list of requirements. This application form is that start of the process of becoming a Nacho King franchisee It does not commit you in any way to becoming a franchisee, it merely gives Nacho King head office a basis for assessment of your suitability for a Nacho King franchise.

22. What happens to my royalties if I stop being a franchisee before my franchise term ends?

We do not collect royalties for any quarters that a person is no longer our franchisee, so long as we have been informed in writing thrity calendar days before.


Location Type: Non Prime
Franchise Fee: P22,000
Quarterly Royalty: P5,500
Equipment and Accessories: P0 to 250,000
Minumum Total Startup: P27,500
One Royalty Multiple Outlets: No

Location Type: Non Prime
Franchise Fee: P56,800
Quarterly Royalty: P5,500
Equipment and Accessories: P0 to 250,000
Minumum Total Startup: P62,300
One Royalty Multiple Outlets: Yes
Free P5,000 Supplies
Free 2 set Crew Uniform

Location Type: Prime
Franchise Fee: P132,000
Quarterly Royalty: P16,500
Equipment and Accessories: P100,000 to 250,000
Minumum Total Startup: P237,500
One Royalty Multiple Outlets: Yes
Free P5,000 Supplies
Free 2 set Crew Uniform

All franchisees benefit from buying nachos and all supplies at specially discounted prices that are not offered to non franchisees.

Contact details:

343 Poblete Comp., W. Service Rd.
Bgy. Sun Valley, Paranaque
email: email@nachoking.com, franchising@nachoking.com
Web: http://www.nachoking.com/
Tel: +632 822 1935 or +632 821 7986
Mobile: +63917 5338933
Fax: +632 821 0360

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