Monday, December 04, 2006

Philippine Franchise Business Food Business

Food Business

  • Franchising Squash Suman (Kalcosuman)

  • Iron Enriched crunchies

  • Nutritious Crunchies

  • How to prepare Tamales

  • Cassava flour

  • Orange Marmalade

  • Pan De Sal with Camote

  • Soybean coffee

  • Canning of bangus

  • Rice-soy noodles

  • Chayote catsup

  • Different uses of vinegar

  • Guayabano juice

  • Juice from the native orange

  • Sprouted mongo (Toge)

  • Making Sotanghon from mongo

  • Home made ice cream

  • Mayonnaise

  • Coco burger

  • Jubilee cheese

  • Home made tomato catsup and tomato paste

  • Making worcestershire, oyster and hot sauce

  • How to make bacon and corned beef

  • How to make sweet and salted banana chips

  • How to make pork tocino and beef tapa

  • How to make banana catsup

  • How to make boneless ham

  • Making banana flour, puree, pastillas, dried blossoms

  • How to make vinegar

  • Smoked fish (Tinapa), dried fish, crispy dilis

  • How to make cassava cake, bibingka and pudding

  • Pastillas, cassava cake, leche flan, yema

  • How to make chocolate shapes and molding

  • Making miso from soybeans

  • How to make gelatin (Gulaman) from seaweeds

  • Banana chips, pastillas, wine, vinegar, figs

  • How to make pork chicharon and mayonnaise

  • How to make buko pie

  • Making soybean curd (Tokwa) and taosi

  • How to make cheese from goat/carabao milk

  • Quick process fish sauce (Patis) & soy sauce (Toyo)

  • How to make siopao

  • Making kropek and polvoron from crab/shrimp shells

  • Making candies from fruits

  • Pinoy home made ice cream

  • Simple procedures in making fruit jams

  • How to make nata de coco

  • How to make century eggs

  • Mango, papaya sweets and preserved

  • Fishball, Kikiam & Squid Balls

  • Fruit juice and shake business

  • Meat processing business

  • Bakery business

  • How to make salted red eggs (Itlog na maalat)

  • Food business: Siopao, cassava chips & squash cutchinta

  • Balut making

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