Sunday, November 05, 2006

Franchising Iron Enriched crunchies


In order to meet the iron need of growing children, pregnant women and nursing mothers, this "nutri-crunch" is enriched with blood of animals (chicken, hog or cow).


  • 800 gms.rice flour
  • 150 gms.skimmed milk
  • 50 gms.powdered animal blood
  • 20 gms.sugar
  • 15 gms.salt
  • 60 gms.barbecue flavor
  • 700 ml.water
  • cooking oil


To prepare powdered blood:

1. Collect clean blood in a container. Keep it free from flies and dust.

2. Spread the blood evenly over the aluminum pan at 3½ cm.thick.

3. Steam for 10-20 minutes (until the blood coagulates).

4. Grind or powder fine.

5. Put the ground blood in a dryer, cover with muslin or sinamay.

6. Dry in the oven at 60°C or under the sun until it is crispy; turn every one hour.

7. Powder or grind the blood.

Procedure for Crispy Crunchies:

1. Powder the rice, mix it with the powdered blood and flavoring.

2. Add water and knead until it becomes dough.

3. Spread on aluminum pan about 1½ cm.thick.

4. Steam for 20 minutes.

5. Cut into desired sizes and shapes.

6. Dry in the oven or under the sun until crispy.

7. Deep fry in oil until the crunchies bloat.

8. Add artificial flavor to the crunchies, shake until the flavor is evenly distributed.

9. Seal in plastic bags.

Source: FNRI (DOST)

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