Sunday, September 24, 2006

Franchising Making banana flour, puree, pastillas, dried blossoms


Materials needed:

  • green bananas, saba or cardaba
  • salt

Utensils needed:

  • solar dryer
  • chopping board
  • measuring cups/spoon
  • basin
  • knife
  • grinder
  • sifter

Packaging materials:

  • plastic bag


1. Prepare brine solution; 1 tbsp. salt to 5 cups water.
2. Wash bananas and peel. Soak immediately in brine solution.
3. Wash again to remove latex.
4. Cut into halves and remove seeds.
5. Slice longitudinally at 1/3 cm. thick.
6. Dry in solar dryer for 8-10 hours.
7. Grind 2-3 times or until very fine.
8. Pass through a fine sieve and pack in plastic bags.


Materials needed:

  • 1 kilo (5 cups) mashed ripe bananas (saba or cavendish)
  • 300 gm. (2 1/4 cups) sugar
  • butter or margarine

Utensils needed:

  • Rolling pin
  • frying pan
  • chopping or kneading board
  • spatula
  • kitchen knife
  • wax paper


1. Prepare the mashed bananas as follows: Boil the ripe bananas (saba or Cavendish). Peel and slice into 3 cm. thick.
2. Grind the sliced bananas until it is mashed, add the sugar and cook over slow fire. Stirring should be done constantly until a clear mixture is obtained with the desired consistency. The mixture should not stick to the sides of the frying pan.
3. Transfer the mixture over a kneading board covered with wax paper. Sprinkle small amounts of sugar over the wax paper. Spread the mashed mixture using a rolling pin until it is 1 inch thick.
4. Spread butter and small amounts of sugar over the mixture.
5. Make slices of about 4 x 1 cm. Cool and wrap individually.



1. Peel the ripe fruit.
2. Mash or grind with an equal amount of water. Add preservatives (ascorbic, 0.1% and/or citric acid, 0.2%) until it is in uniform consistency.
3. Heat the puree to 82-93°C for 10 minutes.
4. Place in sterilized containers and seal immediately.


Raw Materials:

  • 1 tbsp sodium metabisulfite
  • 4 c water
  • sugar, vinegar, soy sauce (to taste)


  • cheesecloth
  • colander


1. Dissolve 1 tablespoon sodium metabisulfite in four cups water and boil the solution.
2. Strip apart banana blossoms, wrap in cheesecloth, and blanch in the boiling solution for 5 minutes. Drain using colander.
3. Mix equal quantities of sugar, vinegar and soy sauce and soak the blanched blossoms overnight in this mixture.
4. Drain, dry under the heat of the sun and pack in plastic bags.

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