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Franchising Aquabest pure drinking water

Brand Description

Aquabest Pure Drinkin Water is a product that utilizes only the highest quality materials, stringent manufacturing standard and strictest quality control measures. The source water is refined into a pollutant and contaminant - free product using the latest state-of-the-art NASA technology Reverse-Osmosis System.

Store Design

All Aquabest stores follow a standard design format to maintain uniformity within whole franchise network. This must conform to the standards dictated by Bestlife Franchising and the Department of Health.

Space Size

Aquabest Water Store space requirements should be no less than 28 square meters with provision of a toilet and stock room.

Site Criteria

A location that preferably has a main street frontage and/or is both visible and accessible
Must have adequate parking
A readily available market for you to cater to within the Franchise area
Must have at least 300 households and/or offices
Competing water stores not too close to your own operations
Target market will readily accept the product that you will be offering
Location must have a stable source of raw water that is reasonably priced. This can supplied by either the local water utility or by a shallow or deep well.
If a well, must be situated away from a septic tank
Must have the needed capital (funding) to start up your water store franchise
Must have trustworthy, responsible and competent personnel to manage and run the day to day operations of your water store

How much is the Franchising Fee of Aquabest Store?
The Franchising Fee of P100,000 is now waived. At the moment, we are on our expansion promo and have assigned limited slots for NO FRANCHISING FEE STORES.

What advantages does Aquabest over the other competitors?

  • No Franchising Fee and No Royalty Fee
  • Low and fixed Monthly dues and advertising fee of P 4,000.00 per month
  • Free Streamers every quarter
  • Free Uniform every month
  • Free Replacement Filters every month (2 pcs)
  • Free Replacement Carbon Cartridge every 6 months (2 pcs)
  • Full Maintenance Support
  • Fully report on all operations
  • Reverse Osmosis Automatic System Set-up as low as P420,000 for 3,000GPD with P30,000 worth of freebies i.e. signage, uniform, stocks etc.
  • Peripherals and Accessories Available
  • Office Support till 7:00 pm Mondays thru Fridays and up to 2:00 pm on Saturdays
  • 24-28 stage Water Purification with Reverse Osmosis Machine
  • Training support of personnel
  • Automated operation system
  • Marketing Support and Advertising Support
  • Free Store check ups
  • Free Use of Non-corrosive, Cabinet type Panaflex Photographic Signage (3 Ft by 6 Ft) and Double Face(3 x 4 Ft) Aluminum frame and powder coated worth P 21,000.00
  • Free Lifetime Membrane Cleaning Service (pay only for chemicals and transpo)
  • Free Store Design and Lay Out
  • Free Aquabest Jingle CD
  • Free Grand Opening Day support (Balloons and Sound System)
  • Free in-house financing ( Zero interests) up to 60 months for Metro Manila franchisees.
  • Call 435-2520 for more details

Q: Does Bestlife Franchising Inc help me find a location for my franchise?
A: Absolutely! Location is important to any retail business and Aquabest Water Store is no different. There are some specific factors considered when searching for Aquabest Water Store sites. We work closely with you in the site location process.

Q: I have never opened a business before, do you help me with the set up and build-out?
A: We assist in every facet of store set up, to guarantee you a complete retail operation. This includes standardized blueprints for store layout, and recommendations regarding construction build-out and equipment installation. Our staff works closely with you and your contractor, to create a smooth and rapid build-out.

Q: What support services and training are available to help me?
A: We have developed a comprehensive training program for all franchisees. Your classroom training is held at our corporate office in Diliman, Quezon City providing you with essential knowledge prior to opening. You also receive complete Operations and Marketing training to help your store be as successful as possible. And, of course, our support staff is always just a phone call away. Further, we also provide established marketing methods and available marketing staff on a continuous basis.

Q: Do I pay monthly Royalties, like most franchises?
A: No more. However, unlike most franchise companies, our program has a fixed monthly membership and marketing fee depending on the capacity of your output. P 3,000 for 3,000 GPD set-up P5,000 for 5,000-6000 GPD set-up and P6,000 for 7,000 GPD and above set-up.

Q: How do l know you won't setup another Aquabest Water Store around the corner?
A: We guarantee you in writing that another franchise will not be sold within an agreed specified kilometer radius. We offer an opportunity for you to take control of your future through ownership of your own business. Our goal is to form a long term and prosperous relationship with each of our franchisees, not to create undue competition.

Q: Do I have to buy all the products I sell from Bestlife Franchising Inc?
A: No. However we have negotiated special pricing that is highly competitive, and significantly less than what you will pay if you purchase from others. In fact, due to our negotiating efforts, franchisees enjoy savings of over 35% compared to what they had been paying, for some products sold, creating stronger potential profits. As the Aquabest Water Store brand grows, we continually work with approved vendors for the best possible pricing. In addition, Aquabest Water Store receives no remuneration from any of the vendors you purchase your products from. It is our commitment that you get the best possible price, for a stronger competitive edge.

Q: What about maintenance of the water purification system?
A: The system is "user-friendly" so even the least mechanically inclined individuals won't be intimidated. But if you have questions, and require technical repairs, our technical staffs are always available.

Visit us today for a briefing on how to be a franchisee at 883-C Quezon Ave, Brgy Sta Cruz Between Roosevelt and Araneta Ave, Quezon City Tel. 632 412-9652, 53, 54, 57, 58 and 412 8181 or send an sms message at +639209134560, +639175295646 +639228760510.

Contact details:

Address: 883-C Ground Floor Quezon Avenue Brgy. Sta Cruz Quezon City
Tel: (632) 3711282, 3710478, 4128181, 4129652 to 54, 57, 58
Fax: (632) 4100142
Email Address:

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    Anonymous said...

    its good to know the details you have given in this site.Can you also tell me how much is the least and most we'll need to prepare if we want to franchise aquabest refilling stations?

    jjc said...

    thanks for the info and waiving of franchising fee in some area..just wanna know if it is still is in pangasinan area,im interested and im from pangasinan..jjz

    jjc said...

    thanks for the info and waiving of franchising fee in some area..just wanna know if it is still is in pangasinan area,im interested and im from pangasinan..jjz

    jjc said...

    hi!im interested in franchising aquabest,im from pangasinan and i have talk to my friend Jong who is the owner of plato wraps.i think you know her you are both in same assosiation right?i asked her if it is a good investment to open a water refilling station and she said she'll introduce me to you on sept. 16-19 at the event..this is my contact no. 09228127878 and im jeanne