Saturday, September 16, 2006

Franchising Aqua 2000 water refill station

Aqua 2000 Water Technology Incorporated is a Philippine organization incorporated in June 1997. Its principal office is located at 78 Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

The company is a member in good standing of the Water Quality Association - the respected international trade association representing retailers, dealers, manufacturers and suppliers of distinctive industrial, commercial, household and small water treatment systems.

We are also a member of the Philippine Franchise Association - the primary industry group that counts among its leaders and members the most reputable franchising firms in the country has added another accolade to its name.

Recently, the company has joined the league of the country's biggest and most successful companies as it vowed its membership to the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Historically, the company's United States manufacturer spans more than a decade in engineering and manufacturing the superior osmosis water treatment systems, designed to meet the rigorous demands of applications on military ships, high technological research vessels, hotels and water bottling plants worldwide. Moreover, the manufacturer constructs precision equipment for two of California's largest water store franchises and utilizes state of the art technology and unparalleled quality components.

At present, Aqua 2000 has expanded to more than 90 outlets not only in Metro Manila but also in various provinces as far as Ilocos Norte down to Davao.

We make it easier for you to get into the water business.

Choose from our 4 very affordable packages starting at P720,000 down to P 225,000.
Installment terms available without interest!

Full Franchise Package - P720,000
Non-Franchise Package - P335,000
Combo Franchise Package- -P450,000
Mini-Franchise Package - P225,000

We are sure that you can find the right package to suit your needs and more importantly, your budget.

There's more! These are just some of the perks that may be included in our packages.

  • Menuboard
  • Signage - Single or Double Faced
  • Water Panel
  • Water Tester
  • Letterheads
  • Daily Shift Records
  • Monitoring Records
  • Labels - 5 Gallon
  • Labels - Pet Bottles
  • Sport Top Caps
  • Uniform with Logo
  • Laminated ID's
  • Patch
  • T-Shirts
  • Proposal Letter/Contract
  • Franchise Brochure
  • Business Cards
  • Promo Cards
  • DTI Processing
  • Monthly Lab Test Analysis
  • Regular Use of the mascot
  • Van Sticker
  • Grand Opening Activities
  • Initial Opening Inventory

Contact details:

78 Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone No: (02) 920-7224 / (02) 454-3780
Telefax No: (02) 454-3787 Cellphone No. (917) 607-1952
Email Address:

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    Anonymous said...

    Many doctors now discourage consumers in drinking/using purified and distilled water especially to cancer patients,as it increases the acidity of the body which is not good to them according to docs on many tv/radio interviews,besides,many of our medical a days are shifting from synthetic medicines into herbal ones.
    With this we try to intervene with the on going situation regarding our consumers safety by introducing our NATURAL,AMAZING POWDER which CONTAINS 97 MINERALS discovered by a filipino in the year 2000,knowned and published in a California newspaper last 2005.has been tested by the U.P. College of Science and Chemistry and by the DOST,has zero content of mercury,arsenic and other toxic substances.This powder balances the acidity of the body.In our demonstrations you will see how a muriatic/sulfuric acid reacts with this powder,it bubbles into the air its acid effect/content and lost it all,in less than 10 mins after puoring this powder into the muriatic a.,we could dip our fingers unharmedWe are now supplying mineral water stations for their oxygenized,ionic,alkaline water.also many herbal companies who has countless number of testimonies of healing because of this AMAZING MINERAL POWDER..If ever your company would thought of including this MINERAL POWDER INTO YOUR products to eliminate the acid of your products,please feel free to contact me sir/madam.Thank You Very Much.GOD BLESS!

    Anonymous said...

    I totally am confused about the acidity/alkalinity of our body??? I think this is totally just hogwash... People are just trying to sell something when they talk about acidity/alkalinity of the human body. How would you know if a person is alkaline or acidic? Do they even do blood test??? The human blood is alkaline. Normal pH of the blood is 7.35-7.45. If a person's blood fluctuates below or above this range then there is something seriously wrong with that person medically.
    You are the one who posted that you have a new NATURAL,AMAZING POWDER which means that you are trying to sell something. Please try not to discredit people who are using distilled or purified water. This is far safer than drinking tap water or water from deep well/water from the river. I am not living in the Philippines. I'm actually from california but its sad that you have to scare people and post such hogwash to sell your product. People who buys your product will get sick if they use unfiltered water + NATURAL,AMAZING POWDER because they'll get diarrhea from the unfiltered water...
    nuff said,
    Good luck selling your NATURAL, AMAZING POWDER. Hopefully people are not gullyble enough to purchase your product.

    Floyd in LA

    Anonymous said...

    hey mate! you can sell your product anyway you want it, but dont ever say anything against others business the fact that you are talking about the cleanest water you ever drink in this world(purified water). i dont know about your product but i believe you are just one person who is trying to manipulate other peoples mind and put them in trouble. so get real mate! stop talking shit!!!

    Anonymous said...

    I'm interested with this business. please send me your quotation for your non-franchise, combo-franchise and mini-franchise package. Kindly send it in full details as possible. my email add tnx

    sweetkimchi2011 said...

    hi there,

    Im mardz. im actually looking for a water refilling company that would best help me to start my business in bacolod city neg interested in your packages but the package 4 with 250k investment is of my most interest.pls email me at for more info.


    Anonymous said...

    Gud day! Pls give me all he quatation of franchising tenks and Godbless!

    Anonymous said...

    Gud day! Pls give me all he quatation of franchising tenks and Godbless!

    Anonymous said...

    Gud day! Pls give me all he quatation of franchising tenks and Godbless!