Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Franchising Monterey meat shop

How We Began

Monterey Foods Corporation (formerly Monterey Farms Cosrporation) began in 1969 with one 1,200-hectare cattle ranch in Isabela. In 1980, it became a subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation, the Philippines' largest food, beverage, and packaging conglomerate.

Today, it is the country's largest hog and cattle operation, with the latest technology in feed milling, breeding, livestock raising, slaughtering, meat retailing, and meat processing.

Monterey meat products are part of everyday Filipino life. With its "farm to market" concept, the Filipino consumer is assured of quality meats for every meal.

How we Reach our Consumers

Monterey's commitment to total quality extends from its farm to its countrywide distribution network.

Its quality meat products are delivered by refrigerated Monterey trucks and are available in a variety of Monterey outlets, namely Monterey Neighborhood Meatshops, supermarkets, and Monterey satellite outlets.

There are already more than 300 outlets operating nationwide.

Interest parties may reach:

Sales and Franchising Department
Monterey Foods Corporation
17th Floor, JMT Corporate Condominium
ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Tel. Nos. 702-5569 / 702-5572
Fax No. 914-8750
Web: http://montereyfoods.com/

Investment Requirements

  • Estimated Initial Investment: P1.5 to P2M
  • Franchise Fee - P165,000
  • Construction - P500,000
  • Equipment & Other Supplies - P950,000
  • Rent (with Deposits) - P75,000
  • Merchandising Materials - P20,000

Franchise Fee - P150,000 plus 10% VAT

Royalty Fee - 2% of monthly purchase

Advertising Fee - 1% of monthly purchase


  • Application Process - 45 days
  • First step is to submit a Letter of Intent and a Location Map with information on the target area
  • Construction and Manpower Training - 45 days

What Monterey Meatshops Have to Offer


  • Monterey fresh pork and beef products
  • Monterey Ready-to-Cook Meats
  • Magnolia Chicken Milk, Butter, Cheese & cooking Oil
  • Purefoods selected cold cuts and canned goods
  • Other selected San Miguel products

Support Services

  • Store design
  • Monterey signage
  • Training of crew
  • Operations support
  • Marketing

Area Requirement: Approximately 50 square meters with a frontage of at least 5 meters.

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    cool_78 said...

    Here is an update of what Monterey Meatshop is now requiring for a franchise with them.

    Estimated Initial Investment: P2.7M Approximately
    Franchise Fee: P224, 000.00 (P200,000.00 + 12% RVAT)
    Construction: P600, 000.00
    Equipment and other supplies: P1, 700,000.00
    Rent (With Deposits): P140, 000.00
    Merchandising Materials: P20, 000.00
    Royalty Fee – 2% of Monthly Purchase
    Advertising Fee: 1% Of Monthly Purchase
    ROI: Within 2 to 2.5 Years

    Area Requirement: Approximately 80 Square Meters With A frontage of at lease 5 meters

    Monterey Meatshops are available in key cities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao
    For more details, please call at (632) 633-MEAT (6328)

    sadiagrace said...

    I am interested to franchise Monterey Meat shop.. Is there any financial institution who can help me finance this business?

    Anonymous said...

    Sandiagrace, banks are still the traditional sources of leverage. The hard part is they require either a collateral or a track record. If you don't have both, chances are you won't be able to acquire a loan from an financial institution. You're best bet is partnership. Find somebody with money but doesn't have a no how. That's how I started my business. I got the money... I partnered with somebody with business skills for the first branch only. As our business grow we both put in money as capital. That way we split the risk for second attempts. We lost 3M for our third branch yet we're okay because we split our losses are well. Partnership is great!

    Anonymous said...

    This franchise is suicide. The other independent meatshops will eat you alive because they are more flexible when it comes to pricing. Qualitywise, they have an at par or sometimes better meat quality compared to Monterey.

    Anonymous said...

    How did you lose 3M on your third branch?

    Anonymous said...

    I have a franchise and for me, it's doing quite good. The business is great and I'm planning to open up another one. I do not agree with the meat quality not being better than the others. All branches have different people working for them and different managements. So, I hope you don't generalize that all Monterey meatshops are like that.

    It greatly depends on the location as well...I got my capital back in less than 6 months...

    tito goyena said...

    do i have a chance in hauling or making delivery of your products to your outlets and what are the requirement and agreements regarding these. thanks a lot

    tito goyena said...

    do i have a chance to engage in hauling in your company. like delivery of your products to your outlets and what are the requirements and agreements regarding these. thanks a lot.

    Anonymous said...

    I am another person from the other one who says that the meat at Monterey is not as good as other meatshops'. From what I know from walking by the local Monterey Meat Shop, their business is not doing good. Yes the meat are sometimes too old already since no one buys a particular kind of meat for a few days. Then, the reputation got worse and lesser amount of patrons for the store already. And for the pricing, the meatshop at the market sells freshly cut meat daily; me, my neighbors, my co-workers all go to the fresh daily market to buy our meat, we don't really shop at Monterey. Hmmmm.... Do I miss something here?

    Anonymous said...

    HEY i'm gilmar college students of business course,, i'm 19.. when you franchise.,, study it well.. if your personality fit on your prospect then go for it.. it's not that if others failed to what they franchised and so you will.. you're different from them.. good mnagement is the key., and good decision making.. if you have doubt try to ask.. thanks... someday i will be one of those franchisees and will become franchisor.. god bless monterey, more power (gilmar_king22@yahoo.com)

    Anonymous said...

    is it advisable 2 buy existing monterey shop? someone offered me 2 buy his business full package all i have to do is just to continue the operations. but im hesitant and wondering why he is selling it. i have doubts that maybe the shop is not earning. he is selling it for 1.2M. is it reasonable enough?

    Anonymous said...

    can you give smaller amount of initial investment?is it possible for franchise fee only?

    aura wind said...

    here's an updated version of the franchise details

    Estimated Initial Investment: Approximately P3.2 Million

    Franchise Fee = Php 336,000*

    Construction = Php 800,000

    Equipment and Other Supplies = Php 1,900,000

    Rent (with deposits) = Php 140,000

    Merchandising Materials = Php 20,000

    *including Magnolia Chicken Station

    Franchise Fee Php 300,000 plus 12% RVAT

    Royalty Fee 2% of monthly purchases

    Advertising Fee 1% of monthly purchase

    ROI 2-2.5 years

    3. Timetable – 45 days

    First step is to submit a Letter of Intent and a location map with information on the target area

    Construction & Manpower Training 45 days

    4. What Monterey Meatshops Have To Offer

    4.1 Products

    Monterey fresh pork and beef products

    Monterey Ready-to-Cook Meats

    Magnolia Chicken, Milk, Butter, Cheese & Cooking Oil

    Purefoods selected cold cuts and canned goods

    4.2 Support Services

    Store design

    Monterey Signages

    Training of crew

    Operations support

    Marketing support

    5. Area Requirement:

    Approximately 80 square meters with a frontage of at least 5 meters


    Anonymous said...

    I agree with most of the comments here but if you take a REALLY good look at the figures the margin would be at about 5 percent minus your cost of goods sold and the automatic 3% deduction for royalty and sales over and above the profit they make from the deliveries. So that 5% margin per sale will be spread over your overhead amounting to a sales volume of AT LEAST 5 METRIC TONS of pork and beef per month to get at least breakeven per month anything after that then the "feasibility study" given by the franchisor can be believable.

    Anonymous said...

    Monterey franchising SUCKS!!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    I also agree from past comments, it's suicidal if you join to franchise from it. looks like you'll gonna lose all your savings just to franchise their small meatshop, and they will earn only from you and not to the costumers. the products are great but honestly, the over pricing of your products, constructions and other packages sucks!!!