Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Franchising Lot's a pizza

What makes a good pizza? The Lots' A Pizza company has come up with the right recipe. The perfect dough and a sauce that would satisfy any discriminating Filipino palate plus its affordable price has made Lots' A Pizza a household name in this pizza loving Asian country. But what makes the pizza extra special is the fact that it is backed by American technology. From a hole in the wall kiosk in 1987 the pizza chain has grown to 75 (inclusive of 55 franchises) as of May 2006.

Having been in the fast-food industry for more than 20 years, Lots' A Pizza Franchise Systems Inc. proves that all big things do start small. Aiming for the middle market, Lots' A Pizza was able to carve a niche in the pizza industry with its very own, unique mixture of tomato sauce, herbs and spices.

Since it opened its first franchise store in 2000, Lots' A Pizza has grown to more than 50 outlets, making it one of the fastest growing pizza franchises in the country today.

Franchise Fee: P350,000 - P750,000 (Total Franchise Capitalization Requirement)

Contact details:

Robert Ngan Tian, Franchise Director
Teresita L. Ngan Tian, VP/Treasurer
Tel 873-8435 Telefax 873-8414, 872-9122
email: info@lotsapizza.com.ph, lotsapizza@pacific.net.ph
Website: www.lotsapizza.com.ph

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