Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Franchising Mang Inasal chicken BBQ

What is the mang inasal franchise concept?
Mang Inasal Philippines grants a license to operate to a qualified franchise in a specific location. The franchise makes a commitment to dedicate his time and best effort in operating the store according to the system and standards of Mang Inasal. He pays Mang Inasal a continuing royalty (as a percentage of gross sales) 5% Royalty fee plus 2% advertising fund. Franchise fee P 800,000.00.

Who should qualify as a franchise applicant of mang inasal?

  • Must be willing to strictly follow standard operation system of Mang Inasal.
  • A person who has a desirable business track record
  • Someone who has the commitment to dedicate time and best effort for this investment.
  • Success-driven entrepreneur
  • One who possesses the abilities to manage human resources
  • A person who is willing to attend Mang Inasal Training Program
  • He must have the financial capability.
  • Mang Inasal grants franchise to and individual or sole proprietor

Who selects the site?
Mang Inasal selects the site for the restaurant but the franchise applicant may propose a potential location for assessment.

How much is the total investment?
The total investment package for Mang Inasal franchise ranges from P5m to P6m. depending on the size of the outlet, locations of the store, land and building. The cost involve are for franchise fee, store equipments, building and leasehold improvement, signages, POS systems, Refundable security deposit, furniture and fixtures, working capital, initial supplies and expenses.

What is the mang inasal franchise training program?

  • The training program is designed to equip the applicant with a hands-on work experience in a chosen ang Inasal outlet and with appropriate knowledge to properly apply Mang Inasal system and standards for operating his store.
  • The training program covers one month period.


Submit the FF:

  • A letter of intent
  • A location map
  • A copy of your comprehensive resume
  • Photographs of your intended site


Upon receipt of the above documents, Mang Inasal will send to you through express mail our official application form if we believe you are a promising candidate.
After reviewing the application and checking the personal references, we will invite you to visit the Head Office for formal presentation of the Franchise Program. A tour of Mang Inasal Outlets and related matters.

Mang Inasal, is a fast growing barbeque fastfood chain, originated in Iloilo City on Dec, 12, 2003. Serving great tasting barbeque and other pinoy favorites in
Laging mabilis…Laging masarap… Laging abot kaya…

If you wish to pursue your application, Mang Inasal will arrange with you a schedule for formal training and if we find a mutual interest in each other, we will be glad to pursue a mutually meaningful and beneficial relationship with you

Contact details:

Fuentes St., Iloilo City
Tel: (033) 508-9000 / 508-7555
Fax: (033) 508-5111
email: feedback@manginasal.com
web: www.manginasal.com

Mr. Edgar Sia II
Tel: (033) 336-1070 / 336-1068
Fax: (033) 509-3888

G/F Harbor Square CCP Complex
Tel : 8342619

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    raymond said...

    I have been to two of your franchised locations; and sadly, I am not impressed by the quality of your food product. The service people are also too busy to take care of their customers when customers want to ask for extra rice and water. I have not recommended friends to visit Mang Inasal restaurants.

    Louis said...

    A friend and I were looking for a franchise. She suggested Mang Inasal. OUr only concern is the high franchise fee as posted here in your post. Would there be any chances of a franchise fee in the range of 200,000.00 and no more continuing royalty fee but retaining the advertising fund?

    Anonymous said...

    kentarodeskido' i am willing to put my money to invest for mang inasal but i only got 1m hardearned money. what assistance can you give me. im a hard working person and be glad to be part of mang inasal.

    Anonymous said...

    I am a retired LandBanker who, together with another retiree-friend of mine, owns more than 300sq. m. lot in Masinag, right along the road leading to Antipolo. Our property is located at the entrance of a guarded subdivision, with a big church located right next to it. Across the street is a commercial arcade/complex. Our place is just about 2 kms. away from the Sta. Lucia Mall, and a little further down the road is the Robinson of Masinag. We are interested on going into a long or medium-term lease agreement with a prospective Mang Inasal franchisee. The reason why we are targeting potential owner/s of a Mang Inasal franchise is because we believe the business, if properly handled, is stable and financially promising. We would be pleased if Mr. Sia himself could refer some of his franchise applicants to see our site at Masinag, which is along a busy highway.

    We may be contacted at (SUN) cf no. (0933)4879708. Our property has a clean title and is currently unencumbered.