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Franchising The coffee experience cafe

Many people still remember The Coffee Experience as the outlet with the big X. To all our customers we were known as Coffee X (we can easily spot old timers….it's in the way you say it). Neatly tucked beneath the stairwell of the old Quad 2, customers would come and enjoy their first sips of espresso beverages... finding it to be a truly awakening experience.

When The Coffee Experience was later transferred to the Glorietta Activity Center, it was known as "the store in the middle" of Glorietta…serving that cool drink…the Latte Mocha. Passersby were intrigued by the machines for it was the first time they could see and watch coffee preparation as an art! They too could hear the nuances of preparing freshly ground coffee and smell the coffee as it is extracted. Perfectly frothed milk, (an art in itself), when added to the espresso to make a cappuccino, will intrigue one's senses as you sip and experience it's flavorful, velvety difference.

It was this first outlet that paved the way for other Coffee X outlets to set their niche in various malls. Soon after this opening, The Coffee Experience was seen in the premises of the Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Robinson's Galleria and SM Megamall in the same year. Now with 20 outlets to boost, The Coffee Experience has become a part of the Filipino's daily habit. Proud to be the first espresso bar in the country, TCE continues to adhere to its standards of product quality and service efficiency. Our passion for serving only the freshest ingredients makes every cup a pleasurable coffee experience.


Brand Name Recognition

  • The Coffee Experience (TCE) is the pioneer in on-site espresso bars. Opened in February 1993, TCE paved the way for coffee to be taken anywhere... anytime!
  • TCE was the first to introduce COLD Coffee concoctions like the Latte Mocha Granita for people on-the-go.
  • TCE has come to be known for great tasting quality products at affordable prices. The service offered is efficient and locations are convenient.

Pre-Opening Support

  • Site Selection: TCE Franchise Corp. will provide you with the specific criteria to define a viable site for a TCE Espresso Bar.
  • Design and Construction: Choose from a variety of designs to suit the requirements of the approved location. Assistance will be given during the construction phase to ensure the proper use of space and materials.
  • Source of Supply: A comprehensive list of established sources of equipment, signs, fixtures and supplies necessary for the operation of your espresso bar.
  • Training and Assistance: A two-week training program consisting of 1 week in-classroom instruction at the Training Center and 1 week of hands-on training in an existing TCE Espresso Bar. All aspects covering conducting business at a TCE Espresso Bar will be addressed during this time.
  • Operations Consulting: You will be provided with an extensive Operations Manual that covers all aspects of operating a TCE Espresso Bar. The TCE Franchise Corp. will supply you with a phone number and an e-mail address that you can contact whenever you have questions about operational issues.
  • Technical Support: The TCE Franchise Corp., together with its affiliates, will provide for the technical support needed for the proper use and care of all equipment recommended by the Company.
  • Communications: Scheduled meetings will be held to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and to suggest ways of enhancing operational procedures.
  • Performance Enhancement Program: Periodically, your TCE Espresso Bar will be evaluated on various aspects of the business to ensure consistency in quality of products and service.

Marketing Support

  • Website Feature: TCE Franchise Corp. will feature the opening of your TCE Espresso Bar in its website
  • Advertising Materials and Sales Aids: TCE Franchise Corp. will spearhead advertising campaigns specifically designed to promote The Coffee Experience products and services on the national level.
  • Advertising Co-ops: TCE Franchise Corp. will provide opportunities for advertising co-ops to encourage the use of print ads at a minimum cost.
  • On-Line Marketing: The existing website of The Coffee Experience will be another venue for announcing new and exciting promotional products and activities.
  • Local Advertising: TCE Franchise Corp. will provide the guidelines for advertising and promotional activities geared at increasing sales in your own TCE Espresso Bar

Franchise Application Procedure

If you are interested in this great business opportunity, simply follow this simple franchising procedure:

-Letter of Intent
-Preliminary Interview
-Site Evaluation
-Formal Application
-Franchise Grant

Contact details:

The Coffee Experience
c/o CX Food Enterprises, Inc.
FMF Bldg. II, Level C
126 Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City

Raquel Syquia-Neri
Franchise Director

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