Saturday, September 16, 2006

Franchising Chowking fastfood

Chowking launched its franchising program in 1989 when the company was only 4 years old. For a young company with limited resources, franchising was the rational route to expansion. It enabled the company to penetrate new markets and extend its reach, without straining its resources. At the same time, franchising provided a business opportunity to local entrepreneurs in search of a promising investment.

The Chowking franchising system is founded on the philosophy that franchisees are business partners, co-owners of the company and members of the Chowking family. As business partners, they are provided with a support package that includes operational services, logistics, manpower training, marketing , national advertising, and other important services necessary to give them a better chance at success.

The franchising process starts when the company receives an expression of intent to apply for a Chowking franchise. A thorough and comprehensive evaluation of the merits of the proposed store site and the qualifications of the franchise applicant follows. If the site is deemed promising and the franchise applicant is considered qualified, plans for store construction are set to motion. While construction is going on, the company provides technical support to the franchisee and assists in the selection and hiring of the required manpower. Orientation and training of the newly-hired personnel completes this cycle.

Once the store is operational, the company's operations personnel pay it periodic visits to ensure that quality is maintained, prescribed procedures are followed, and FSC standards are met.

For the duration of the 10-year franchising contract, the franchisee receives from the company a package of services that includes logistical and marketing support, as well as a continuing training program for the store managers, kitchen staff and service crew. It is a company policy to require all franchisees and managing directors to familiarize themselves with the operations manual and to take part in the training program especially designed for them. As members of the Chowking family, franchisees are expected to take part in company-organized activities that not only keep them posted on business updates but also reinforce bonds and strengthen lines of cooperation. At the end of the 10-year franchise period, franchisees in good standing may be awarded an extension of another 10 years.

Although financial means is an essential factor in the choice of franchisees, it is by no means the most important. The company welcomes entrepreneurs who understand and accept the risks and potential returns of the business, demonstrate a keen business sense, and are willing and able to invest time in the operation of the store. An absolute "must" is that they believe in the brand and are committed to contributing to efforts to polish it to a radiant shine.

Trade Name: Chowking Food Corporation
Franchised Offered: Single Unit Franchise
Format: Restaurant
Category: Food & Beverage
Initial Investment: Php 8,000,000
Target Franchise Area: Nationwide

Contact details:

Analyn Matining, Franchising Manager
Tel: 635-8888 loc. 324; 526-0441
4/F ROL Bldg. 2133 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila
Email Adress:

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    myt said...

    ah im just wondering why d ma-open chowking's official website....

    oliver said...

    what would be the initial investment if the location would be in United States?

    cool_78 said...

    chowkings website is already up and running. The cost of franchise here in the Philippines is around 8 million pesos, more or less depending on your location. In the USA it's around that amount converted into dollars.

    Anonymous said...

    in davao city, who will be our contact person if we intend to know more about getting a franchise from chowking?

    cool_78 said...

    Hello. Please email regarding franchising Chowking in Davao city. Thanks! :-)

    takaya said...

    how much wud be the intial investment if the location s n nasugbu batangas?wat factors qualifies a franchisee wanna be?

    Anonymous said...

    Do you need dual citizenship to own a chowking franchise in the Philippines if you reside and is a citizen acquired through naturalization of another country?

    cool_78 said...

    I know there is no restrictions for foreigners in owning a Chowking franchise so you don't need to have dual citizenship to acquire one.

    Anonymous said...

    LCV...My Husband and i own a 3 story commercial building in Pangasinan.We are interested in Franchising but we are a U.S resident and planning to retire in few years.Is the total invesment still going to be 8 million?

    Anonymous said...


    I am wondering who will be the contact person for the U.S Franchising of Chowking. As far as I know, it's almost the same amount in pesos converted into dollars. Please provide contact person and phone number here in the U.S.



    carol said...

    I am from Laoag City we have already a chowking in our locality but i guess we need to have another branch to accomodate all the costumers craving for chowking food so I intend to invest my earnings in franchising chowking. How much would cost me to get a chowking franchise?

    Leo Torrente said...

    How much would be my initial investment to open a chowking in Vancouver, Canada including the franchise fee. Who is the right person to contact with. Thank you.