Monday, September 18, 2006

Franchising JM peanutworld

In the English language, there is an idiom that equates peanuts with a very small amount of money, e.g. "he is paid peanuts for his work." But for Josephine Co See, peanuts are everything but small money. In the 10 years since she set up World of Nuts Corp., the company that operates Peanut World, she has encountered positive growth in the business of peanuts and has since opened up nine company-owned stores.

The concept for Peanut World began in 1995, when Ms. Josephine Co See noticed a cart selling peanuts. The number of customers buying peanuts drew her attention. That interest pushed her to do research and plan her own cart operations. She saw the business potential in peanut cart operations.

After a year of working on the concepts, she opened her first cart in 1996 in Grand Central under the name JM Nuts and Hot Castanas. Encouraged by the performance of the first cart, Ms. Co See applied with the SM Malls. She was requested to change her cart name thus JM Peanut World Etc. was born. From then on, JM Peanut World Carts were opened in various SM Malls.

With the success of these nine stores, Josephine Co See decided to open up the business to franchising. The company joined the Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. (AFFI) and launched their franchise program during the recently concluded Franchise Fever show held in July.

The company started with peanuts but soon expanded their products to an assortment of nuts. Peanut World is customer-focused, always thinking of what's good for their customers first, rather than what would be good for them. Customer feedback is important to them as it helps them think of what more to offer and how to present their products. Their snack cart caters to people from all walks of life and ages.

Peanut Worlds longevity in the business is reassuring. It shows how their product has stood the test of time. Quality is one their secrets as the company makes it a point that customers get the best and freshest nuts everytime they come to a Peanut World store.

The Peanut World franchise cost approximately P250,000 - an affordable sum for a business that claims to deliver fast returns on the investment. The company is looking for franchisees outside Metro Manila.

Contact details:

Josephine Co See
JM Peanutworld
51-F ALCA Building, Malaya Street,
Retiro, Quezon City
Telefax (63 2) 743-8853

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