Saturday, December 16, 2006

Franchising Orbitz Pearl Shakes

Orbitz, a subsidiary of Metro Grind Corporation, was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs.

Orbitz has already opened over 100 branches in major shopping malls and key establishments in and around the Metro. The company is gearing up to penetrate the International Market and further strengthen its presence in the Philippines.

Orbitz is an entrepreneurial project of Filipinos which matches the best of Eastern and Western management culture with a delectably innovative quality product to perfectly suit the standard and taste of the local market.

What is Orbitz

Orbitz is a cool flavored drink mix with dark, spherical, chewy balls made from yam and tapioca called Pearls. We are currently offering 20 different flavors to suit the unique taste preference of the local consumers.

Watch out for more new and exciting flavors that our R & D team is continuously developing for total customers' satisfaction.

The "Pearl Shake" is a delectable innovation from Vancouver, Canada, where its popularity has grown immensely and is currently a sweeping success across Asia.


An ORBITZ franchise fee ranges between P200,000 to P250,000.

You can get a return on your initial investment in as short as 3 to 4 months. Potential earnings of at least One (1) million a year.

Packages includes:

Brand Awareness - With its numerous branches all over the Metro, it will not be hard for the new franchisees to target consumers since there is already an existing brand awareness of ORBITZ Pearl Shakes.

Quality Control - ORBITZ follows all the phases of the development and production of the products to be sold. Ensuring the quality and the freshness from the raw material to the finished products.

Business Operation System - Day-to-day operation from Cash flow management, Par level inventory system, technical support, as well as sale and marketing techniques.

Raw Material Supply - Adequate and continuous supply of raw materials is assured.

Training - Extensive training will be given to franchisees as well as their employees.

Ad & Promotional Support - The company has prepared a comprehensive marketing plan to introduce and promote ORBITZ Pearl Shakes, thus, guaranteeing daily sales to be incremental.

* Advertising:
o Tri-media advertisement (TV, radio and print ads)
o Campus Tours & Mall Tours
* Promotions:
o Frequent Buyer Card
o Raffles
o Giveaways

Product Development - New flavors will be constantly introduced. The company's research and development team has devoted their time for the continuous improvement and quality control of existing flavors. We will not be limiting our products to just drinks. We will also be introducing new products that will complement ORBITZ.


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    Anonymous said...

    Hello Orbitz Personnel,

    Can you please email me the details of your franchising? For example, I need to know how you come up with the projected (gross?) earnings of over 1 million pesos in a year, what are the inclusives of your franchise fees, do you have other fees other than royalties and franchise fees, what are the terms of your franchise agreements, etc.

    My email is Also, can you tell me what sets your products apart from all other pearl tea products?

    Sincerely yours,
    Raymond Wong
    Cebu and Visayas

    reigne said...


    I’m interested for orbitz franchise.can you please send me the details and how much capital to open up this business.

    My email is

    Thank you…

    Anonymous said...

    hello!!! how much po the franchise fee for this??? can you send me the complete details??? my email add is