Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Franchising Popoy's grill

POPOY'S GRILL, INC. is a stand-alone outlet that exclusively sells a wide range of dirt free and mouth-watering All Original Filipino Grilled Street Foods with reasonable cost to the consumers. Intending for market leadership in the grilled industry, POPOY'S GRILL gears up for further growth via ambitious expansion program through POPOY'S GRILL Franchise System.

POPOY'S GRILL was established in a simple stall in the heart of Concepcion 1, Marikina City. The store become well-liked for its traditional and famous Filipino Grilled Foods and at present, POPOY'S GRILL company-owned and franchise-owned branches are found nationwide, providing luscious grilled foods with its unique and efficient customer service to Filipinos from Luzon to Visayas and Mindanao.

Franchising costs, at present, is estimated to be P100,000-200,000. A small cart franchise was P100,000 - but you could augment it depending on what is required. This particular franchisee we visited had a cart setup within a small house-turned-restaurant. They included tables and chairs for dine-in orders. The cheapest meal was a P19 pack with 2 pieces of the small 5-peso barbeque with rice and drink.

Estimated daily sales amounted to P3000-P4000. In a month, that would be almost 90-120 thousand pesos. Say half of that goes to expenses, you get at least P50,000. My friend interviewed the franchisee and was informed that the lowest daily income they've had so far was P2,500.

Areas open for franchise: Call
Franchise Fee: Call
Contact: Jhun Pastor
Telephone Nos. : (02) 927-0463 / (02) 927-6175
Fax No. : (02) 927-0463
email: popoysgrill@lycos.com

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