Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Franchising Smokey's Hotdog bar

How to be a Franchise Owner of a Smokey's Hotdog Bar

What is Smokey's?

Smokey's is the country's leading premium hotdog brand, in a hotdog cart selling system.

What are the products sold in Smokey's?

Various Hotdogs and Hot and Cold Drinks.

What is the initial step in applying for a franchise?

Submit a letter of intent addressed to Mr. Jose Francisco Teodoro, Site and Planning Manager, Great Food Solutions, 16/F JMT Bldg., Ortigas Center Pasig City. Applications can be faxed at 631-5996 or e-mailed to

What do I include in the Letter of Intent (LOI)?

Applicant's name and contact number and the location map of the site.

How much is the investment?

No initial cash outlay. The company will advance the P201,000 investment, payable within 2 years. This will include the cost for the cart, roller, fryer, and freezer.

How much do I earn on a monthly basis?

Earnings will depend on your location. On the average, you can earn about P10,000 a month, assuming P4,000 daily average sales and P15,000 monthly rental.

How long before I recoup my investment?

About 6-12 months.

Are there available sites ready for operation?

We can check with our Site and Planning Manager for available sites.

What is the process involved from the time we submit our LOI to the time I open my first outlet?

Once the site is approved, the Site and Planning staff will meet with you to discuss the detailed checklist.

Do I have to get an award notice first?

You can submit a letter of intent without an award notice and we will put it in
the active file.

Are there area considerations or limitations?

Yes, preferred areas are malls, call centers, offices, colleges, universities, and other high traffic areas.

How many stores/outlets can I open?

As much as you can personally handle.

Who is in charge of hiring the personnel?

The operator is in charge of hiring the crew.

Who will give the training?

We have a trainor to screen and train the crew.

What support can they get from the company?

There is continuous marketing, training and operational support.

What if the location proves not to be successful?

The cart can be relocated to another location if operator wishes to continue
the business. Otherwise, San Miguel Pure Foods will pull out the cart.

What if I have more questions?

Please call Mr. Jose Francisco “Padjo” A. Teodoro at 0917-8072356 or Mr. Sosimo “Otchie” M. Laylo at 0917-8014042.

Can SMC employees (and its subsidiaries) apply?

Yes, provided the business is not run by them.


1. Letter of Intent (please indicate your mailing address and contact number/s)
2. Vicinity map of the proposed site
3. Checking account

Please mail requirements to:

Mr. Jose Francisco “Padjo” A. Teodoro
Site Planning and Development Manager
16th Floor, JMT Bldg., ADB Avenue,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Cell: 0917-8072356
Fax: 631-59-96

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    Anonymous said...

    Hi! I'm interested to franchise smokey's hotdog bar and i've been trying to contact the numbers mentioned here for 3 consecutive days but up to now.. no one is answering. can i have the updated number please? thanks a lot. this site is really helpful.

    Anonymous said...

    losing business

    Anonymous said...

    dont invest in a losing business. poor after sales support.. ask them how many outlets have close and they will be put in uneasy situation. trust me... im a victim


    cgatch0405 said...

    Hi Ivy Joy. Please disregard the 2 comments from the anonymous creature here who made a mistake of naming herself.

    You may leave your contact info when you email us your letter of intent and then we'll get in touch with you. Kindly send it to