Saturday, September 16, 2006

Franchising Delifresh organic restaurant

An organic restaurant and deli, it offers health-conscious clients a delicious array of chemical-free food. Some of the bestsellers from over 100 dishes on the menu are organic honey or herb chicken (from Isabela), whole-grain chickenesca pasta, salads, organic bangus, belly sinigang, beet, spinach and carrot noodles, chicken kare-kare, halo-halo made with organic fruits, assorted juices, and their house tea (a big hit).

Eva Rose Pua, president and owner, said all the dishes were personally "designed" by her. Her "happy" chickens are fed organic corn, supplemented with a vitamin/mineral regimen. Being free-range, the chickens have less fat than commercially-grown chicken that are given antibiotics and hormones.

Contact details:

Unit 101 G/F Carpark Bldg.
EDSA Shangrila Plaza Mall
0Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila,
Contact No: +632 638 8358
Fax No: +632 638 8358

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    Honey said...

    Good day. How much is the franchise fee?