Monday, December 04, 2006

Philippine Franchise Business Agriculture Business

Agriculture Business

  • How to make papain

  • Herbal Plants for Chicken Worms and Simpler Way to Find Out Feed Deficiency

  • Duck Breeding Operation

  • Cows with Trimmed Hooves Produced More Milk

  • Protein from Copra Meal as Feeds for Feeds

  • Dried Poultry Manure for Dairy

  • Corn Cobs can be Fed to Cattle

  • Preserved Colostrum can Replace Whole Milk

  • Sawdust for Animal Feeds

  • Bio-control of crop diseases

  • Intercropping coconuts with ginger

  • Fertilizers from recycle eggshells and soil from swamps

  • How to Grow Gabi

  • Use of Salt as Fertilizer for Coconut

  • Ripening of Banana can be Delayed

  • Growing Garlic

  • Production of temperate mushroom (Agaricus)

  • Medicinal plants for animals

  • Growing radish and sesame

  • How to make dipped candles

  • How to make peanut butter, pastillas, brittle

  • Raising tilapia and other fishpond tips

  • 10 Steps in compost production

  • High value crops: Growing bell pepper

  • Chicken egg production tips

  • Growing patola for food and luffa sponge

  • High value crops: Growing black pepper

  • Processing, marketing and storing ducks

  • Growing and processing cassava (Balinghoy/kamoteng kahoy)

  • Raising frogs (For meat)

  • High value fruit: Growing durian

  • Ornamental (Aquarium) fish business

  • Franchising Bonsai culture

  • Growing potato and kamote (Sweet potato)

  • Mussel (Tahong farming)

  • Growing short term plant crops

  • Watermelon (Pakwan) culture

  • Growing bananas

  • Raising and production of catfish (Hito)

  • Growing cashew trees

  • Farming seaweeds

  • How to raise pigeons

  • Grouper (Lapu-lapu) culture

  • Growing chrysanthemums and orchids

  • Guides in turkey raising

  • Mushroom farming

  • Raising and breeding rabbits

  • Growing citrus fruits

  • Raising Ostrich

  • Backyard cattle raising

  • Swine / hog raising

  • Chicken poultry raising

  • Tilapia culture in pond and tank

  • Vermiculture - Backyard production of earthworms

  • Raising Sasso chicken

  • Milkfish, shrimp and crab

  • Goat raising (Kambing)

  • Quail raising (Pugo)

  • Duck raising

  • Honeybee culture (Apiculture)

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    Anonymous said...

    hello! I found your blog site very interesting and helpful for the one who want to start their own business like me.Just call me by the name Jade. I was just wondering do you know how much does a pig or goat cost when you sell them now in Philippines?how much each kg? thank you very much