Thursday, September 21, 2006

Franchising Duck Raising

Duck Raising is a lucrative livestock industry in the Philippines because of its egg. Its most important product, the balut (boiled incubated duck's egg), is sold daily throughout the archipelago for its delicious flavor and nutritive value.

Duck raising is especially recommended in baytowns like those bordering the shores of Laguna de Bay, where there are abundant supplies of fresh water snails which make good duck food. Ducks are generally raised for eggs but when snail food gets scarce, they are sold for meat.

Kinds of Ducks

Egg - Type Ducks

* Native or Pateros Duck
* Khaki Campbel Duck
* Commercial hybrid duck
* Indian Runner
* Tsaiya

Meat- Type Ducks

* Muscovy Duck- Meet Type
* Peking Duck

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