Monday, October 16, 2006

Franchising Use of Salt as Fertilizer for Coconut

Use of Salt as Fertilizer for Coconut

The application of sodium chloride (NaCl) can increase nut production, copra weight per nut and copra yield per tree. Research studies on chloride nutrition and fertilization of coconuts were extensively reported in 1972 on the positive responses of young and bearing coconuts to chlorine application. This was the result of adding potassium chloride to palms at the Davao Research Center of the Philippine Coconut Authority in Bago Oshiro, Davao City.

The beneficial role of chlorine in the normal growth, accelerated development, and high nut and copra yields of coconuts was confirmed in the inland coconut-productive areas in Davao. Leaf chlorine is the main factor for copra yields; and for foliar diagnosis (a tool for nutritional diagnosis and predicting fertilizer needs), the critical level of leaf-Cl was found at 0.30% C1 and optimum level at 0.50-0.55% C1. The addition of 60-70 g NaCl/seedling can increase the plants girth and fresh weight. It was found that seedlings from seednuts produced by NaC1-fertilized parent palms had bigger girths, more leaves, and higher total germination percentage, indicating that chlorine nutrition of parent palms is a positive factor in affecting the conditions of the seedlings in the industry.

Source: Technology, PCARRD publication

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    pets said...

    Hi! How do you apply the salt? Can you please be more specific? Thank you!

    cool_78 said...

    Hi! You apply the salt in a soil mixture then spread it around the coconut tree. Hope that helps :-)

    mikemykol said...

    Can salt water or sea water be applied on the coconut tree as fertilizer?

    Sessfertilizer Man said...

    Wow i possess moderate knowledge on fertilizers,but i never knew salt(better yet chloride) could accomplish the task of increasing productivity of coconut trees. Thanks for the post I find it really helpful.If you want to see what i have to say about fertilizers,you can visit my profile and find my site.