Friday, September 22, 2006

Franchising Raising Sasso chicken

Sasso chickens are native chickens of France and now becoming popular among big and small raisers. Resembling our own native chickens,the Sasso chicken grow faster, with delicious and tender meat and strong disease resistance. Sasso chickens are free-range, affordable, easy to raise which proves to be a profitable livelihood venture. They graze around the field, or backyard running around, and eating grass, corn, leaves and other natural ingredients.

Because they are being naturally grown free-range style, you are assured of a clean chicken meat with less cholesterol and fat. Sasso chickens can be raised as broiler and are good layers too when they reach six months of age. Sasso hens lay naturally brown, tasty, nutritious and with less cholesterol eggs. Read the rest of instruction here

A.P. Inocencio Farms
Quirino Highway Cor. Regalado Ave., Fairview, QC.
(02) 417-1800, (0917) 847-2639 or (0917) 848-2466.

A.P. Inocencio Farms (Teresa Farms)
Fee: Php 300.00

Agri-Aqua Network International
(+63 02) 839-1772 / 839-1782 / 837-0023 / 837-0033
(+63 02) 839-1772

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    Ann Margaret said...

    mukhang pang SOLRAYA po iyung address and contact infos na nandito and not for AP INOCENCIO (Teresa Farms), which is located sa Teresa, Rizal.... At 350 pesos na ang fee ng seminar ng SOLRAYA.