Thursday, September 21, 2006

Franchising Goat raising (Kambing)

The optimum potential of goat as one of the main sources of milk and meat has not been fully tapped in the Philippines. The goat is popularly known as the poor man's cow because children and old folks who can not afford cow's milk prefer drinking goat's milk. Aside from being cheap, goat's milk is more digestible compared to cow's milk.

Training and seminars at TLRC
Goat & Sheep Raising (15 hrs / 2 days) Php 2,959.00
Contact: 633-6733 or 637-4018 loc 300, 304, 306

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    Anonymous said...


    I'm interested to know more about the franchising scheme. Can you please help me?

    I am in Mandaue City, Cebu and my vacant area is so small, about 200 square meters only. Is it possible for me?

    I'm looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards and more power to one and all.


    cool_78 said...

    Hello Coljohn!

    Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog :-) Yup you can raise goats even with a 200 sqm lot. Goats dont need much space and will eat almost anything. You can compensate with lack of space by simply going to other vacant lots with lots of grass since I believe most people will not mind or will even notice having a few goats grazing here and there. And come during night time round them back to your own vacant lot.

    Hope I was able to some provide some help. Thanks very much!

    Ely said...


    I would like to know where I can buy goats in Batangas? We're very much interested in goat raising because we have a farm house in Batangas.

    Hope you can help me on this. Thank you so much!

    cool_78 said...

    Hi Ely. Thanks for dropping by my blog. As far as I know the only way you can buy goats is from private raisers. I have seen some on the road in my trips going to Cavite. I will ask around and try to update you on this matter.

    If anyone has goats for sale please post your contact details here so interested parties can contact you.

    Lee said...


    I'm Lee and I'm into Goat business as well, although I only focus on producing milk. I supply goat's milk and I was wondering if you could refer me to anyone who's looking for goat's milk.


    if you need goat's milk, I sell fresh goat's milk!! email me at


    Anonymous said...

    please be careful with advice, such as goats will eat anything. u will have alot of dead animals on your hands, with attitude like that.
    I am goat farmer, from canada, and animal science major from University, and can assure you, goats dont eat anything, unless they are being starved.
    They need specific foods, like any animal or human.

    Anonymous said...


    i am need of a "sample" of a goat business and my husband want to put up a goat business. hoping for your prompt reply on my request. thank you and more power.

    Anonymous said...

    I would also like to look into starting a goat business here in Leyte.
    please send info.


    efren said...

    please provide me a sample feasibility study of goat raising, my financier is asking me that requirement but i cant provide them. thank you in advance

    chingmai said...

    Hi. I would also like some numbers on goat raising. I have a farm in Zambales and would like to raise goats properly and viably. Would appreciate some information. Thanks.

    Kiko said...

    email me at and let's see how I can help you, we have a goat farm but we raise anglo-nubians only.

    Anonymous said...

    I would like to also to know how to be part of this? Please send me details

    rizol said...

    I am also interested, would you please send me details. Thanks

    gerard peter ilagan said...

    to those looking/searching for a goat to buy here in batangas,i'm wiling to offer my help...just contact me to this no.09202403030-thanks gerard

    Anonymous said...

    hello, im reden from oriental mindoro, presently working here in dubai. anybody who knows where to buy good breed of goats in oriental mindoro? can you please help me...

    Rached said...

    Please provide me with a guide information study of goat rising, financially
    What I need to start goad businesses
    How miny goat I need to start
    Please mail me :
    Or text me on :09166989323
    Thank you in advance

    Fil Mabuhay Car Rentals said...

    elloh! i have 8 mestizo bucks ready for sale on October 2010 if you are interested pls. e-mail or call +639224655241

    Anthony said...

    Im interested in goat raising. i want to start 20 heads, bcoz i have 10hectars backyard space. where can i find cheapest one.

    Im at Valenzuela City, Philippines.
    please contact me at my email,

    im looking forward in your reply.
    i want ro inquire about franchising goat raising.

    Anonymous said...

    hello guys, i'm also interested in GOAT RAISING BUSINESS.. any study, training, how to, feasibility, prons-cons, etc..

    thank you so much!

    Anonymous said...

    hi.i want to attend siminar of goat farming..we have 2 hectares with 17 goats female and 1 male..i want to raise i need an idea of how to handle a farm..please contact me in my email add.if you will conduct a thank you.

    katirokgalleria said...

    hello there,
    as i get closer to my retirement .. I am so excited to learn about live stock farming..w/c is Goat as I believe is one of the most enjoyable to watch them grow and makes profit. this is my name and my Email.. please do include me on your blog discussion. I can't hardly wait to be home soon. thank you so much in advance. any info.. is greatly appreciated.