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Franchising Dried Poultry Manure for Dairy

Dried Poultry Manure for Dairy

Cattle Feeding

Protein concentrate is an important component of a dairy ration. However, conventional protein sources are too costly for the backyard farmer. This prompted the search for cheap sources of protein. The utilization of poultry waste as a protein source, either dried or fermented, has been the subject of investigation by several research institutions notably, the Dairy Training and Research Institute (DTRI) at UPLB, UP College of Veterinary Medicine, Bureau of Animal Industry and other research agencies. Studies showed that DPM contains about 22% crude protein and feed cost is reduced by 30% in DPM supplemented rations. Research conducted at the DTRI-UPLB revealed that at 23% of total ration, DPM was a good supplement to rice straw for dairy cattle from yearling to the end of the first lactation. However, at 45%, DPM rendered the ration unpalatable as manifested by poor intake, hence, stunted growth of the animals. Molasses is an important indigent in rice straw-DPM ration for improved palatability.


1. Poultry manure which is free from bedding materials is collected and sun dried for 3 days to reduce the moisture content to 15%. For this purpose, manure that is less than 2 months in storage is preferable.

2. The dried manure is pounded and mixed with concentrate ingredients, and molasses. The resulting mixture is blended with rice straw to form a complete ration:


  • rice straw
  • DFM
  • Ipil-ipil
  • Molasses and others

Source: ”Dried Poultry Manure for Dairy Cattle Feeding," PCARRD-DOST
picture: www.heb.com

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