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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Philippine Franchise Business Small To Medium Business

Small To Medium Business

  • Fuel from carabao dung and rice hulls

  • Soap making by cold process

  • Candle wax and Floor wax making

  • Cementless soil blocks and Lime-clay-sand blocks

  • Hollow blocks from rice hulls and waste materials

  • Recycle rice straw into handmade paper

  • Carabao or cow dung flooring

  • Fuel from old newspapers and corn cobs

  • How to make molded and scented candle

  • Making decorative and novelty wax

  • How to start a gift basket business

  • Starting a travel agency

  • Starting a gift shop busines

  • Starting a hair salon business

  • Starting a photography business

  • Start a button business

  • Beauty salon/parlor business

  • Setting-up a drugstore business

  • How to start a clothing/RTW store

  • Franchising Videoke machine business

  • Starting a recruitment agency

  • How to make paper mache

  • Start your own E-loading business

  • Setting-up a retail store

  • Starting a catering business

  • Silkscreen or screen printing business

  • How to make herbal soap

  • Flower shop business

  • Scented candle making

  • Ink refill station

  • Tricycle, jeepney, taxi and FX operation

  • Laundromat / laundry business

  • Junkshop and scrap business

  • Production of virgin coconut oil

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