Monday, September 25, 2006

Franchising Start your own E-loading business

Do you want to jump into e-load business bandwagon? You can earn between 5-14% from your investment depending on the type of e-load and cards you are selling. Nowadays, you can do all the e-loading stuff with different telcos using a single SIM card. More control and features you can get if you have your own PC with internet connection. Here's what a couple of leading e-load business are offering:


How it works:

Load all network using your current SIM/cellphone no. No need to buy retailers sim for every network. No separate Load Wallet to maintain all you need is your current cellphone registered with WI-MAX. Sell e-load for Globe, Smart, Sun, Telesulit, Teletipid, Digikard, Globelines, Blast, Surfster ISP, MU 100 Online Game, Ragnarok, Bonanza (approx. profit margin: Globe 14%; Smart – 13%; Sun, Telephone, Online Game and Internet prepaid – 5%)

What you need?

You current cellphone/SIM. No need to buy/use retailer SIM from different networks.
Wi-Max Maxiload card worth P 400.00

What you get?

  • Accident Insurance Coverage of Php 10,000.00 for 1 year
  • 10% Discount Priviledge On All Wi-Max Products
  • No need to Use Multiple Cellphones for retailer SIM.
  • Buy / Sell E-Load Through Text Messaging 10- 14 % DISCOUNT
  • No need to Maintain Personal Load Different Networks
  • Initial load wallet amount P 50.00
  • Electronic loads 10-14 % discount
  • E-load Smart/ TnT/AMP/ Smart Kid of P 30, 60 ,115
  • E-load Autoload Max Globe/Touch Mobile of P 25, 50, 100
  • Weekly leverage income
  • Monthly residual income


  • Unified load inventory. All you need is a single fund (wallet) to buy/sell e-load for all networks. No need to maintain different load inventory for different networks.
  • Even if you don’t sell e-load, you still earn because you get e-load for your or your family’s use at discounted rates (10-14%).
  • Sell e-load anytime, anywhere. No quotas.
  • You can replenish your e-load fund via G-Cash, Smartmoney, BDO CashCard, over-the-counter purchase from Wi-Max; transfer fund from other Wi-Max members/dealers.
  • Pay and earn from various utility/bills payment.
  • International text cards.
  • Electronic remittance.

Dealerships are also available for P8,800.00 inclusive of 30 retailer kits worth P400.00 each.

Trunk Line No.: (+632)718-0234
Mobile Nos. (SUN):
+63922-9294994 +63922-9433704


How it works:

You can buy or send electronic load (from Smart, Sun or Globe) directly to your mobile phone or to the numbers you specify using your PC or mobile phone. Electronic Pins of cell cards, game cards, internet cards, phone cards, and more, are also dispensed in your PC or mobile phone.


  • Get up to 6% Bonus credits when purchasing 1,000 Load Credits or more
  • Get up to 13% Discount when purchasing products using your Load Credits
  • Get 1% Referral commission on all load credit purchases of the users you refer
  • Availability of lower e-load denominations (ex. P20, P25, P30, etc.)
  • Load multiple cell phones at a time
  • Review your previous e-load transactions
  • Review your previously purchased electronic PIN's anytime
  • Get free updates regarding new products and services
  • Transfer credits to other users (ex. family members, friends, etc.)
  • Buy Load Credits using your ATM, credit card, Smart Money, or bank deposit
  • View or print your own transaction history
  • Avail of other existing and future promos and services

Buy at least Php 5,000 credits to get the maximum profit of 6%.

Mobile Phone No.: +63-922-8818188 (10AM to 10PM)
Tel.No. (632) 672-2385


Anonymous said...

mukang mas maganda ang wi-max kesa, ano? mas malaki ang kita. thanks for the info. wish you could do a side-by-side tabulated comparison.

cool_78 said...

Hi! Thanks for the compliment :-) Yup mukhang mas malaki ang kita nga ng wi-max. I'll try to do a side by side comparison para makita which is better. Thanks for stopping by :-)

Anonymous said...

mas maganda pa rin ang tipid ka na may kita ka pa! pwede ka mg start sa 100 pesos. free registration. user friendly pa ung site,so anyone pwde maging dealer bsta u fund ur account.

Tet said...

So, what's the final verdict? Eload or WIMAX?

merziet said...

may bago na ngayon loadcentral..nagmahal na rin yung mga dealership nila

Anonymous said...

Hi, i would like to know more about them the wi-max, eloads etc.I plan to open a business for loads plus the cards. Do you also help us for the location of the business like in the malls. I am from Las Pinas, pls give me more info.
Thanks in advance. said...

hi guys, do you want to learn more opportunities in e-loading business? it's all explained here. view my
contact me:

Les said...


Just to clarify, is a free online e-loading service, meaning it's free to sign up, and free to use. Once you sign up, you only need to top up your ewallet - there are no surcharges of any sort for loading up (except maybe if you go for the western union type of payment, though we recommend going for bank transfers).

When you load up, you even get extra ewallet credits - an extra 3% for a single top up of PhP 1,000 to PhP 4,999, and an extra 5% for a single top up of PhP 5,000 or more. This means that if you top up PhP 2,000, you actually get PhP 2,060 in your ewallet. If you top up PhP 7,000, you actually get PhP 7,350.

This is on top of the discounts (varies between eload/epins) you already enjoy whenever you redeem an e-pin or send an e-load, or purchase an e-card to sell to your customers. also has a built-in referral system that allows you to earn 1% of your referral's top up (whenever they do that) in terms of ewallet credits.

You can use for managing your business' prepaid load needs (its loading system is ready for mass cellphone loading and it's easy to use too), or for your eloading business, whether you're running it exclusively for that, or along side another business, like a sari-sari store, tiangge stall, or Internet Cafe (since it has MMO game cards, too).

It's ready to use nationwide, and across the globe, so if you want to sell in the provinces or maybe sell to OFWs in Dubai, you can do that. It's accessible over the Internet via a web browser, mobile Internet via WAP, and even through SMS text messages.'s not a networking or MLM company, it's been around for 10 years specializing in this eloading service and has been running to provide a good public service to end users, businesses, and would be entrepreneurs.

For more information and if you've got more questions, please visit, or you can email

Anonymous said...

hi! i wanted to know how to find this kind of business in davao , i want to put a business like this there and how i can franchise it whereinfact I'm in japan right now.