Sunday, October 15, 2006

Franchising Candle wax and Floor wax making



  • Paraffin wax (China brand)
  • Polyethylene wax (Japan brand)
  • Thread (for candle wick)
  • Mold
  • Technical dye (desired color)


1. To 500 g. paraffin wax, add 125 g. polyethylene wax and melt in low fire.

2. If using mold of desired sizes, pour melted wax preparation into forming device and allow to harden. To facilitate hardening bath the mold with water. Be sure that the thread is properly placed at the center of the mold.

3. If using the drip method, prepare the wick in advance by dripping it in a prepared melted materials and allow to harden.
4. Place melted materials in a container that will allow the complete dripping of the wick.

5. Drip the prepared wick one after the other in an interval that will allow the wick to accumulate wax.

6. Continue the dripping until the desired size of candle is obtained.

Source: ITDI (DOST)



Paraffin wax (China brand) Technical dye
Polyethylene wax (Japan brand) Wax crystals


1. Mix 800 g. paraffin wax with 100 g. polyethylene wax.

2. Melt the materials in a low fire.

3. While still hot add wax crystals (optional) and technical dye (desired color). Stir the mixture.

4. Add 3.2 liters of kerosene.

5. Pour in a desired mold or container and allow to harden.

Source: ITDI (DOST)


adlemisb said...

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juvy said...

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