Sunday, September 24, 2006

Franchising Ink refill station

Entry level ink printers like Canon, Epson and HP can be bought these days for as cheap as P2,400. Are these manufacturers crazy that they almost giving it away for free? The (not so) secret my friend lies in the consumable material - the INK! Original ink cartridge sell as high as P1,850, 1 set of color + black ink alone will cost you almost the same price as the printer. Smart people you think! No! Because we Pinoys always find a way how to be resourceful. So don't be surprise if ink refilling station is a lucrative business nowadays.

Available for franchise:

Ink for Less
Amount: P 357,000 (inclusive of tools, equipment, ink supplies & pre-op)
Peter Paul V. Mendoza
Tel. no. (632) 687-5165 local 213
Cellphone no.(0920)9099486

Bottomless Ink
Amount: P30,000 (inclusive of ink supplies)

Star Laser Ink and Toner Refill
Amount: P20,000 (both type only - includes ink supplies and training kits)
Carlo - 0927-9151555, 373-9171

Joyce Tayag
Amount: P70,000 (inclusive of tools, equipment, ink supplies & training kits)
Contact: 0917-6246908


Richard said...

Each cartridge is made of plastic and metal that can take more than ten centuries to disintegrate. In addition to the actual cartridge, it takes more than three quarts of oil to make one cartridge. Many are getting into the refill business and others are starting a cartridge empties business

Anonymous said...


any feedback from those franchising companies besides Ink For Less?

We're planning on putting up one sa province, ang mahal kasi sobra ng Ink For Less.


Anonymous said...

You may also try contacting Ink2Go Ink Refilling Station. They offer real business format franchising as the other big companies but at a much lower start-up cost and franchise fee.

Owner: Aaron Jeffrey Nolasco
Mobile: 09196368560