Sunday, September 24, 2006

Franchising Junkshop and scrap business

Junkshop is considered by many as a dirty business, I mean it literally, but this is a lucrative business that generates a lot of money both for garbage collectors and junkshop owners.

Things you might need:

1. Weighing scale is the most important equipment since you are buying all the scrap materials per kilo, except for glass bottles which is paid by piece.

2. Kariton - maybe you can start with at least 3 then hire some tambay at your neighboor to collect and buy the scrap from house to house.

3. An open space - to dump all your scrap materials.

4. List of recycling centers that will collect your scraps. Transactions will usually take weekly or monthly, depending on the amount of scraps that you collected.

5. Delivery truck - if you plan to collect scraps from neighbooring provinces.

"..The prices of recyclables sold ranged from a low of P.50 per kilo for paper,
plastics and cardboards, to as high as P275 for used batteries of vehicles. Used
tires with nylon fabric would fetch from P5 to P35 a piece. Materials made of
aluminum like soft drink cans, food trays, window frames also sold at P30 to P33
per kilo while metals like copper, zinc and ordinary scrap metals earned from
P80 to P90 per kilo.

Plastics, particularly high and low density
polyethylene, such as pails, trays, crates, shipping containers, industrial
parts, plastic retail bags and garbage bags, sold for P2 to P3.50 per kilo.
Polypropylene plastics or materials found in carpet fibers, films, bags, car
bumpers, microwave containers beverage cups and toys fetched P3 to P3.50 per
kilo..." source: MindaNews


Anonymous said...

hi. im kinda interested on junkshop business. if i have junks...where will i sell it? know anybody who buys from retailers? my email is for reply. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Im interested in this kind of business. I just want to know where to sell it? my email is Thanks

santiago said...

Hi im interested getting dirty with this business kinda tired of working morethan 8 hrs everyday wondering how to get started with this business do i need to go on training or buy books mas maganda kasi kung medyo hands on ryt.How much will be the capital and how long before mababawi just curious.Tnx talaga!i really need response.Godbless!tnx!

Jun said...

hi... im interested in this kind of business.. pls anyone who have knowledge where to sell.... pls email me at

Anonymous said...

hi im interested in this kind of busines. any1 hir na makakapagbigay ng info regarding sa pag junkshop! pls i need help.. tnx. my email is

Anonymous said...

HI - am quite attracted to this kind of business - would appreciate it very much if anybody could please give me an idea: as to how much is the starting capital and of course how to go about the business. please e-mail me at Many thanks and GOD BLESS.

Anonymous said...

well, i think this business is pretty cool, im into recycling and saving mother earth, lol, anyways please do gimme some ideas on how to connect with recycling companies, a list or website will be a big help.

John G said...

I work in a very similar biasness. We just take it one step further. We are a full service junk removal company. We charge our customer to remove any of their unwanted items. We do all the work from loading, sorting and a light cleanup afterwards. We charge them by volume (how much we take) not by weigh. We take anything two people can lift.
We then recycle all the metal, and bring the rest to a transfer facility. We make money on the removal and again once we bring some of the items to a scrap yard and resell some items.
Even though we operate in the U.S. everyone has junk. Most people do not have the ability to move or even transport the items to a dump or recycling center. Some people will pay you to remove these items and pay well. I believe that a service like this marketed to the right people would be very successful in the Philippines.
I keep telling my wife that someday we will move back to the Philippines and start up a great full service junk removal company.
People will pay to do this!

Anonymous said...

hi if ever i will buy a weighing scale how much it cost? thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

im buying scrap/used tires. delivery point would be in balintawak and cainta. anyone interested please call me at 2180709

oscar oliva said...

i am new in this kind of business,right now i have already about 4 tons of carton, my problem is where to sell this item so i can recover my investments. How much is the price from paper factories?

p.cendana said...

Im Pol interested in this kind of business. I just want to know where to sell it? my email is


Anonymous said...

Im Mohamed sajin an Indian citizen am i am searching for a business hewre in philipines and i came to know this scrap business will workout here. i am interested in this kind of business. I just want to know where to sell it? my email is Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi implanning to start the scrap business but i dont know how to start whom to talk,as of now im collecting scratch/used papers from our office please help me, my email is

Anonymous said...

Hi, Im ofw and planning to start a junkshop business.My employers owned a scrapt metal business and really wanted to do same in philippines but I dont have any idea where to dispose my junks really looking forward to do business this coming year please help. my email is thank you very much in advance

Anonymous said...

Good day if u are interested of scrap business u can contact me at this number 09178974070 or email me aipscrapmetal03@yahoo.comi am a direct buyer of all kinds of scrap metal.tnx

Anonymous said...

hi, im in junkshop business now but my problem is where i can find a financier to finance my big deal in junk vessel..hoping that someone can trust looking for a business partner for a lifetime. you can call or text in my cp no. 09202279100. thanks in advance.