Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rapide Franchise

They say economic times are hard in the Philippines, but one can’t help but speculate if this is true given the fact when we venture out to the streets, the road is chock full of new vehicles of every model imaginable that you can feast your eyes on. It’s also known that Philippine streets, particularly Metro Manila can no longer handle all the vehicles on the road, hence the need to implement the MMDA coding schemes. Where I am headed with these facts you say? Well all these vehicles at some point will either breakdown or need maintenance, and there is a gold mine in them.

If you owned a car at some point, or maybe if you’ve been around the block as I have, you probably heard of Rapide. Rapide offers a wide range of auto services ranging from air-condition to brakes problem, combined that with a recognizable brand name and you’ve got a winner. They are looking for entrepreneurs who share their passion for this business.    

Franchise Details:

  • Total Estimated Capital Investment: P 5,000,000.00
  • Number of Outlets: Company Owned: 12 Franchisees: 34
  • Franchise Fee: P 2,100,000.00 Metro Manila or P1, 100,000.00 Provincial 
  • Royalty Fee: P 50,000.00 
  • Terms of renewal: 5 years

Contact Details:

  • Company: Rapide Auto Services Experts
  • Contact Person: Rene Limcaoco
  • Address:  1166 Pasong Tamo cor. Estrella Makati City
  • Telephone:  (02)8994472
  • Fax:  (02)8959486
  • E-mail:   

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