Monday, October 31, 2011

Chic-Boy Franchise

Businessmen who are fans of Mang Inasal rejoice. If you weren’t too keen of them selling out to big business (not that I wouldn't do the same, I could use those billions of pesos myself), you have another alternative. Chic-Boy is the new rising star of the fast food industry which, if you have eaten there would notice that they not only followed the formula that made Mang Inasal a phenomenal success but also added touches that made them unique and standout from the rest.

If their jammed packed restaurants haven’t convinced you yet that they have a very bright future ahead, consider this. Those who got in early with franchising Mang Inasal before they were bought by JFC got lucky due to the hefty increase in franchise fees that followed. I believe Chic-Boy is also headed the same route and is definitely something worth seriously considering if you are looking to start a business.

Franchise Details:
  • Franchise Fee: P 950, 000.00 (Exclusive of 12% VAT)
  • Total Investment: at least P5M, depending on the size and condition of the store
  • Projected ROI: 2 to 2.5 years
  • Term of Franchise: 7 years
  • Royalty Fee: 5% of Gross sales
  • Advertising: 2% of Gross sales
Contact Details:

  • Company: Pier One Bar and Grill Holdings Corporation
  • Contact Person: Mr. Francis Juan
  • Address: Pier One Bldg., Cabrera Road, Kaytikling, Brgy. Dolores, Taytay, Rizal
  • Telephone No: (02)6583992 / (02)6584564/ (02)6584412/ (02)6584732 loc 109
  • Fax: (02)6583992 / (02)6584564/ (02)6584412/ (02)6584732 loc 102
  • E-mail:


mike said...

Chickboy, hope to franchise you soo.. I will study first at Asian School of Hospitality Arts Q.C at Kamias to be came a Chef and to more oriented on Hospitality operation..

mike said...

Hello.. hope that I will be having a franchising business but before that I will study first at Asian School of Hopitality Arts Kamias Quezon City.. See you their..