Saturday, November 25, 2006

Credit cards, your all in one utility bills payment

Credit cards, your all in one utility bills payment

Have you ever experienced waiting in long lines just to pay your MERALCO, PLDT,
Sky cable, Zipdee, MAYNILAD bills? Bayad centers and Banks are full of people waiting in line just to pay their utility bills. Dont you wish there is some way of consolidating all your bills into just one payment?

Most credit cards today offer that service. Just enroll your utility bills into your credit cards company program. All your bills get automatically charged to your credit card bill. Earning you additional reward points and rebates.

It is also advisable getting an ATM account. ATM cards combined with credit cards means hassle free, no waiting in long lines and 24/7 payments. Megalink and Bancnet ATM machines offer payments to almost all major credit cards.


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