Thursday, November 23, 2006

Earn using your credit cards

Earn using your credit cards

There are ways you could earn by using credit cards. One plan I came up with is by using rebates. For example, certain credit card companies offer up to 3% rebates on gasoline purchases, if you have a relative or a trusted friend who consumes lots of gas by either owning a trucking company or a business that consumes lots of gasoline per month, and they are paying cash on purchases. A sample figure, 50,000 pesos worth of gas earns you 1,500 pesos. Try earning that amount with time deposits.

You could offer them that you use your credit card to pay the bill then they give you the cash since they will be paying in cash anyway. You earn a 3% comission outright, and since credit cards usually takes 45 days to pay the bill, you could invest the cash advanced to you in 30 day time deposits, not only do you earn 3% but also from the time deposit. Finding someone that consumes that much gas and that you trust is the tricky part.

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