Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Credit cards are better than cash

Credit cards better than cash

Credit cards, when used properly are better than paying in cash. You get to earn points to redeem for appliances like coffee maker, dvd player, refrigirator, television or exchange them for flyer miles, annual fee waivers etc., Some credit card companies are even offering rebates of 1% to 3% off your suking gas station or drugstore.

You can also charge your MERALCO, PLDT, Globe, Sky cable utility bills to your credit card. Not only do you get the convenience of consolidating all your bill payments into one, but you also earn points and rebates as well.

Ofcourse for this strategy to work, you must pay off your outstanding credit card balance every month and do not only pay the minimum, otherwise you will end up paying more than paying in cash.

If you are a good payor, i.e paying on time every time monthly, chances are that you can request for a waiver of your annual fees when they do arrive. If they refuse to waive it, cancel your card and Iam positively sure that they will call you back to tell you that they have waived your fees. This has happened to me 3 times already with different credit card companies and 3 times I've called them up telling I will cancel my card and all of them ended up calling me that they will waive my fees because Iam *ahem* a valued customer.

Picture: www.myfinances.co.uk

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    Ann said...

    Thanks for the tip regarding the annual fees. I only have one credit card and no plan of maintaining more than one. Better safe than sorry. I know some who can't help themselves but to spend more than they are earning because of so many credits cards.