Sunday, November 26, 2006

Business this Christmas season

Business this christmas season

Christmas is fast approaching. Usually in this festive season, business tend to pick up, stores are full, malls are jam packed with people shopping for presents. But when you step out of the malls and into the streets, you will notice there isn't a lot indication that christmas is only a few weeks away.

When I was a lot younger. You can already see christmas decorations on most pinoy houses as early as october. Its now late november and Its a rarity to see even a house with christmas lights anymore from where I live. Well who can blame them, with the high price of electricity and not so good business and political environment we have these days. And every year is only seems to get worse.

Even the average middle class Filipino's purchasing power has been diminishing yearly, and its down right horrible on the urban poor. And notice a lot of banks are now aggresively promoting personal loans and credit cards through telemarketing and even tru texting because they know most people are in need of money.

On the bright side, the food industry will undoubtedly see an increase in sales, Pinoy's love to eat and noche buena will not be complete without the usual Filipino fare of hamon and queso de bola.


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    afterburner said...

    Living here in the Philippines is getting harder everyday, I agree. Nice tip on what business to put up. ;)

    cool_78 said...

    Yup I agree, hope next year will be better. Thanks for stopping by afterburner :)

    Jazel said...

    I agree with you.. And sometimes you know other people come to the point of saying: "I don't feel like it's going to be Christmas" And their reason is because you can feel that it is getting harder living in the Philippines.. Nice tip huh.. :)

    cool_78 said...

    Hi Jazel :-) Next year is an election year for local officials. I hope everything will go smoothly, because if magkagulo nanaman kawawa nanaman tayo. Business will suffer and life will definitely get harder for all of us.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi cool_78.. i'm Ursula.
    It is so heartbreaking to know more people nowadays does not even have the enthusiam to celebrate Christmas.

    Ang i agree with you that even banks not only do they agressively promoting personal loans and creadit card system.. I also noticed a lot of bank merger is happening. Maybe because one main reason is to cut cost of operations. Thus, a lot of bank employees lost their job.

    cool_78 said...

    Hello Ursula. Its really very sad. We used to celebrate Christmas before as early as October, you can really tell how much life here in the Philippines has significantly become harder. With high gas prices, electricity cost, and commodity prices. I dont blame the people for their lack of enthusiasm in celebrating Christmas. I hope things bet better.

    Manong's said...

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