Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Franchise Industry in 2010

The year 2009 has been a stellar year for the franchise industry. With record entrepreneurs going with a franchise to start their business, we can only expect 2010 to even be better. But what can we expect 2010 to bring? Well here are some of my mini predictions on where the franchise industry is headed plus a great brand to franchise if you are looking to start your business next year. These are just my personal opinions and should not be treated as the gospel truth.

  • The food industry will still remain very strong, if not stronger. Like 2009 was, 2010 will be a great year to start your very own food business.
  • More companies will open up their business for franchise.
  • There will be more franchise expo, including international brands that will be available for us next year.
  • One brand to look out for is Mang Inasal. With their ever expanding branches nationwide (I have been all over the Philippines this year and they are EVERYWHERE!) and planned IPO next year, the current cost of franchising them at the present is considered a good bargain.
Well here it is, my mini predictions and observations for 2010. Happy new year to everyone!


start business philippines said...

If your planning to put a business, a franchise industry is best for the beginner, because with this you can monitor if your business is doing well or not, and if you think its progressive then plan for a bigger place or for another branch.

Philippines Business Consulting said...

2010 will definitely be the year for franchising. Many investors are starting to feel more confident in the market but are unsure where to place their investment. This is a good recipe for franchising industry. The small investor likes to feel in control of their investment and a franchise gives them exactly that