Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Running a clean business

The cleanliness of a business establishment is very important especially if you want your customers to return back. There is nothing worse than going into a business that is dirty, dusty and crawling with all sorts of vermin. This is most true when you are in the food service industry like restaurants, catering services, food processing etc.,

In a business that should be spotless, such as a restaurant, pharmacy, supermarket or bakery. Seeing food scraps on the floor, dusty shelves and dirty walls makes my skin crawl. Generally, toilets are common areas for lack of cleanliness. If the restaurants toilets are dirty, one can’t help but imagine what their kitchen looks like. And I will definitely not come back as a returning customer.

The same applies to the employees. If the employees look dirty, the business gives the feeling of being dirty. According to customer satisfaction surveys in recent years for various companies and, without exception, cleanliness is considered one of the main factor for retaining customers. This cleanliness applies to the actual
store, the staff and the facilities.

Customers expect clean businesses. Give them that and you are well on the way to really satisfying your customers and increasing the chances of them coming back and recommending it to their family and friends.


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