Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dealing with poor performing employees

During the course of hiring people, no matter how thorough our screening process is, realistically we sometimes hire the wrong people for the job. Some no matter how promising during the interview, fail to meet our expectations on the actual work field. Others start off well enough but seem to settle into a rut. How do we handle these type of people? Do we confront them and talk to them about it or fire them up front?

The best initial step to take is don't act hastily, talk to them about what is the problem and discuss with them their individuals goal and your business goal. Take time to learn how can your business meet their expectations and how the individual can meet your business needs and demands. Maintain the employee under constant supervision and actively encourage their progress. Keep track and measure your employees progress by evaluating his current performance and take note the amount of improvement or decline since the employees last appraisal. Make sure that the employee can see how he is doing in the performance But after all of this and still there is no improvement in your employees performance. Its the time to initiate the termination procedures.

Terminating an employee should be the last resort to take if despite your best efforts to steer them in the right direction they still cannot perform up to your expectation and to the needs of your business. Reward only performers. When you favor mediocrity, you are in danger of loosing your best people because you have no clue on the difference between average, worst and best.

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