Thursday, January 18, 2007

Loosing customers due to poor service

It is one thing to loose customers simply because the economy is not doing so well or your products or services is not that in demand any more due to market changes or innovation in technology, factors in business clearly not within our control. But loosing customers due to poor service is total unacceptable due to the fact that we can control the way we treat our customers. If your business is loosing customers due to poor service. You should re-think the way you due business because it only takes a few people bad mouthing your business to their family and friends and even in chat forums, to quickly spread to others and the negative publicity will run your business to the ground.

Most Foreign customers have a bad reputation in the Philippines. It is because most complain a lot and are often referred to as condescending, difficult, arrogant or stubborn. But it is not because they love to complain, but in western culture, particularly in the United States, good and efficient service is the norm unlike here in the Philippines. However there are some bright spots in fast and efficient service in the Philippines like Jollibee, McDonalds and KFC.

But Filipinos can learn a lot about complaining when the service offered is substandard. The problems is that most Pinoys do not complain enough. When things go wrong or bad service is delivered, Filipinos, as a rule, generally accept it with a degree of quiet dignity and walk away. They might not complain vociferously in the same aggressive manner that a foreigner would. But they certainly will be taking their business elsewhere. Is this something that the average company can afford to happen to them. Learn To give not only good service but great service. And remember, it is easier to maintain the customers you have rather than seek out new ones.


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