Saturday, December 16, 2006

Franchising Ysa Skin Care Clinic

YSA was built on a genuine need of people to have radiant and healthy skin. Brothers - Ronald and Robert Nazal are poised to fill-in this need in the Filipino market.

The Brothers' commitment to answer this need is greatly influenced by their mother - Dra. Isabel Lopez Nazal - a Dermatologist by profession. Dra. Nazal involved the brothers early on in the preparation of skin care products she needed.

Thus, the brothers after graduation only had to look from within to claim their right at becoming entrepreneurs - with Ronald at the helm of Marosa, the manufacturing subsidiary and Robert oversees the operation of the Skin Care Centers.

As young entrepreneurs, their business acumen is constantly improved and developed with the guidance of their Father, Mr. Robert Nazal, Sr. who is a seasoned businessman himself.

From 1993, the first Branch of YSA grew to five (5). With very little advertisement, clients of YSA grew mainly through word-of-mouth from satisfied customers.


Acne Surgery / Cleaning
ECT (cautery) - Face
ECT (cautery) - Neck
ECT (cautery) - (Whole Body)
Chemo Surgery 1
Chemo Surgery 2
Chemo Surgery Deep
Chemo Surgery Arms
Chemo Surgery Armpit
Chemo Surgery Legs
Chemo Surgery Knee Down
Chemo Surgery Whole Body
Chemo Surgery Neck


With over 20 years experience, proven effective skin care products and countless satisfied customers, YSA Skin Care Center has made its mark not only as a trusted dermatology clinic but also a sound and stable business investment.

* Provides you with the tools and knowledge in proper skin care with professional and highly-trained skin care advisors.
* Guides you in every step of business operations in managing an YSA Skin Care Clinic
* Clients base with over 15 years loyal patronage
* Provides you with strong research and development on effective skin care products with proven efficiency

All you need are the following:

* Commitment to the business concept
* Hands-on management of the clinic
* An 80 square meter site in a high traffic area

If you're interested in being an YSA Skin Care Center Franchiser, write a letter of intent including a location map of the site to:

Mr. Roberto Nazal
YSA Franchising Corporation
1 Pinesville St., White Plains, Quezon City
Phone nos. 912-4594 and 912-4568

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