Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Home Construction Loan

Home Construction Loan

Do you have an idle land that just sits there that does not generate
any income for you while you pay your property tax yearly? Or do you own
a lot but dont have the funds to build your dream house.

Wether you plan to develop your land by building houses to generate
rental income or you feel you are ready now to own your own home, you
could apply for a home construction loan.

There is a boom in real estate these days due to the inflow of money
from our OFW'S. Spending and loan on construction is up and is expected
to rise even further.

One bank that I find caters to our OFW'S very well is Philippine
Savings Bank or simply PSbank.Their requirements for OFW'S who would like to apply are the Recent Certificate of Employment or Job Contract and Verifiable proof of
remittance for OFWs whose employers do not have a Philippine counterpart. Visit
their site for more details on their home construction loan.

Having a home you can call yours is a Filipinos ultimate dream. But
unless you work hard, save and sacrifice some 'luho' this dream will not
become a reality. So save some money and loan the rest so you can save
on rent.


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    alex said...

    Thanks to all those banks who help OFW'S construct their dream house.

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