Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Home Rate Protect Loan

Home Rate Protect Loan

The ultimate Filipino dream is to have their own home. But to the majority of Filipinos, the dream is just only that, a dream. But there is a new type of loan that can make the dream a reality.

If you are renting the place you live, you could try the new PSbank Home rate protect loan. They are offering a fixed 11.50% p.a loan for up to 25 years. As of writing, the monthly amortization of a one million peso loan for 25 years is
P10,110. If you are renting within metro manila, that is just more or less the amount you will pay for your monthly rent.

If you are complaing that 25 years is just too long, just think about it. You could pay the rent for the place you are renting all your life and it will never ever be yours.

If you are interested give them a call right now. Their Makati trunk line is
885-8208 and ask the operator to connect you to their Home credit loan department

Picture: home-loan.valueprep.com

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    compaq said...

    Who qualifies for this type of loans?

    cool_78 said...

    Hi compaq. Anyone who has an ITR and meets the minimum salary requirement which depends on the amount you are going to loan. here is a direct link to the PSbank website HRP product.