Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Satisfy your franchise customers

Research International, a company that continually builds a body of knowledge about market research, shares these thoughts and directions on customer satisfaction, which is a very important factor to the success of your franchise business.

* Service accounts for almost 40% of a customer’s decision to buy from a specific home electronics retailer.

* Stores with managers who work at pleasing customers show a solid increase in profitability each year.

* Customer service improvement has to start with the CEO’s office. Commitment from the top must be communicated to all

* employees.

* Carefully estimate training time and make sure your people get it.

* Make sure employees know why you’re trying to improve and understand how to go about helping.

* If you’ve improved your customer service, make sure customers know it. Your franchise business will greatly benefir from it.

* If a survey shows that people think it takes a week to get materials delivered and you’re delivering them in two days, make sure you get credit for your new accomplishment.

*Run an awareness campaign. Make sure people know about your franchise.

Source: Marketing News, Publishing Group of the American Marketing Association. 250 s. Wacker Drive, Ste. Chicago, IL 60606

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