Wednesday, May 17, 2006

6 Ways to build a top employee

To build your employees into a team that does the best possible job for your franchise business:

1.) Be friendly to your employeess but don’t treat them like close personal friends. They want you to be the boss and theywant to be employees. It works better that way.

2.) Tell them everything, and expect them to tell you the same. Shared knowledge builds loyalty and trust.

3.) Practice Pulitzer Prize plagiarism: Steal only from the best. If you need help, reach out to your business community. Someone, somewhere, somehow will know how to help you.

4.) Invest heavily in loyalty. If an employee knows that you’re always loyal to them, they’ll give you the same in return.

5.) Realize that fairness establishes your credibility.

6.) Never be too busy to laugh. Nothing gets people through a crisis like a good laugh --- and a franchise business owner who’s willing to enjoy it with them.

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    Kelstar said...

    All very good points.