Saturday, July 31, 2010

Franchising Forever Flawless Face and Body Center

In the business of making people beautiful, it pays of have celebrity endorsers, beautiful men and women who make us want to be like them. The kind of star power that drives people stampeding to beauty centers that they praise to high heavens. Only a few manage to attain that sort of status here in the Philippines and one of them is forever flawless.

Unless you have been living under a rock or never follow our local showbiz industry, you have probably already heard about forever flawless. Managed and staffed by professional trained individual, and never lacking popular showbiz endorsers. Forever Flawless is a great business to venture into if you are interested in this particular field. They are available for franchise and is looking for franchisees who share their unique vision for success.

Franchise Details:

Total Capital Investment: Approximately 4 to 6 million pesos
Number of Outlets:

  • Company Owned: 29
  •  Franchisee: 3 

Franchise Fee: 850,000.00 pesos
Royalty Fee: 12% of gross sale
Marketing and Advertising Fee: 3%
Terms of renewal: 5 - 10 years

Contact Details:

Contact Person: Ruby Coyuito
Contact Address:  Rubille Bldg. 749 EDSA West Kamias, Quezon City
Landline:  (02)433-8807-09 and (20)927-7208
Fax:  (02)927-7208


sixto said...

hi. can i have your contact details. have inquiries regarding your posting the franchise info on Flawless. thanks

sixto said...

hi, do you have contact details? i have questions regarding your posting on Flawless

Active Culture said...

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Patrice said...

I have heard some Filipino artists endorsed "forever flawless" on TV. Definitely, that's a plus factor for those who plan to have franchise.

Anonymous said...

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