Saturday, March 08, 2008

Franchising Body Worx Freddie Roach Boxing Camp

With success and popularity of Manny Pacquiao. Many Filipinos are now into boxing, both as a sport and as a way to keep themselves fit and free from stress. Now, Body Worx Fitness Club is brining Manny's world famous trainer Freddie Roach's style of training to the Philippines. You can have the opportunity to own a franchise associated with one of the world most famous boxing trainer. With the upcoming fights of Manny and the current popularity of boxing in our country, this is a great business investment to start.

Here are the requirements and procedures in getting your franchise.

What are the qualifications I must have?

You must have a successful professional track record, people handling skills, determination to learn the business and ready to take on the challenges of managing the business

Who chooses the location for the Body Worx Freddie Roach boxing camp?

The license applicant is required to recommend a specific location of at least 200 suare meter. the proposed site is then forwarded o the Body Worx Fredie Roach Boxing Camp management office for assessment and verification.

How much is the minimum investment? Do you have a license packages?

To own your own Body Worx Freddie Roach Boxing Camp, you need at least 200 square meter of usable space, pay a licensing fee of 350k pesos if the space is up to 300 square meters or 500k if bigger and an annual continuation fee (240k / 300k) covered by a licensing agreement of 5 years. Renovation of the place depends on the location and basic equipment set up investment in 1.210M pesos. Training for boxing coach is provided by Licensor.

Where can I buy my equipment and supplies?

The Body Worx Freddie Roach Boxing Camp is the sole distributor of machines and equipment's, programs and supplies.

Who will hire my employees?

The licensee directly hires the required number of crew based on the standards set by the Body Worx Freddie Roach Boxing Camp. However, our human resources department can assist a Licensee in filling its personnel requirements.

What training do I get?

Body Worx Freddie Roach boxing camp management provides a full management training program to ensure the success of operating a boxing camp. The training includes fitness program, an on site training on operations standard and customer relations for boxing camp crew.

Do I get marketing support prior to and during opening?

Body Worx Freddie Roach boxing camp provides a boxing camp opening package which includes all the unnecessary marketing collaterals needed for a successful boxing camp rand opening.

Interested parties may send their letter of intent with bio-data and if available pictures and location map to

Body Worx Fitness Club, Inc.,
33 West Avenue, Quezon City
fax no: (02) 410-3866 local 113

Upon receiving your application, these are the steps for being a member of our team.
  • We will review your application
  • You will be invited to discuss license details
  • Your proposed location will be examined
  • The license agreement will be formalized
  • Outlet set-up and staff training will commence
  • We will provide pre-opening and marketing assistance

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