Monday, September 03, 2007

Franchise Business Promotion

The often-asked question running in the mind of the entrepreneur is will my franchise business, or any business for that matter; survive without any form of advertisement? The short answer to this would be no. No business can survive without some from of advertisement because how can your franchise business thrive when no one knows you even exist. When talking to a businessman about advertisement, the first thing that comes to mind is how expensive would it be to advertise on television, radio and print media. But these are just some advertisement options available. While these are the top 3 most effective medium to effectively promote your business, not all forms of advertisement are prohibitively expensive.

There are some relatively inexpensive ways of promoting your franchise business. Handing out flyer's on busy street corners or positioning you in key mall areas will let people know what products you are offering. Putting up posters on designated areas is a lot cheaper that a billboard and is quite effective especially if it’s located in high human traffic areas.

But the most effective way to advertise is to provide your customers with products and services that offer great value for their money and they will do the advertising for you. Word of mouth advertising is the best and free method available. Word of mouth is like networking. Just like recruiting a down line, a person tells two people and each of them tells another two person and so on and so forth. And in no time, word will spread like wild fire and popular networks stations might provide your business with free advertising by featuring you in a segment in their show.

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