Friday, March 16, 2007

Paying Your Bills Via Online Banking

Do you hate standing in long lines just to pay your utility bills? Not only are you wasting your time standing there when you can be doing something else more productive, but you will also be spending money. Think about it, whether you drive your own car or commute via public transportation to go to the bank, mall or bayad centers to pay your bills, you are spending money on gas and fares adding to the overall cost of your utility expense. Not to mention you have to make sure when you arrive there the payment centers are still open. What if you did not make it on time and today is the last day of your payment and the penalty for late payment is either a hefty fine specially for credit cards bills or a disconnection notice from your electric or water company. Don't you wish you can pay you bills at a click of a button with 24/7 access without the hassles of standing in line or commuting? The solution is online banking.

More and more banks here in the Philippines are now offering online banking features to their existing clients savings and current accounts. Banks like Psbank, Union bank and a whole lot of others are offering their clients access to their accounts via the web for various transactions like account inquiry, fund transfers and bills payment. Fund transfers are pretty useful if you are doing business with online companies, for example stock trading with CitisecOnline or Philstocks which you can opt to receive payments via online transfers instead of having to wait or going to them to receive your check, and even after receiving the check you will still need to wait three days for it to clear. This will save you time and money, plus you will immediately have access to your funds upon confirmation of the transfer. Since it is 24/7, you can even pay your bills at midnight! Although I must admit that this system is not perfect since not everyone has Internet access and if you have no money in your account you will still need to go to your bank to fund it. But I do believe that using online banking for paying you utility bills is a better option than actually going there physically to pay.

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busy credit card user said...

You are absolutely right. Online banking is really convinient. I realized that after my first online payment. Long lines and wasting my time is not for me. I am a very busy person. Therefore I satisfy with this kind of service too much.