Saturday, March 03, 2007

Loan and Franchise Financing by Makati Finance

Great new for Those who want to franchise but does not the means to start a business yet. Get a franchise business financed by Makati Finance so you can easily start your dream business via loan and don't have to seek greener pasture in other countries.

Makati Finance selected a number of Franchise Businesses which do not require a big capital, easy to manage and are available for Metro Manila and neighboring provinces. For details call our hotline at (02) 995-0734 or 912-2973.

Target Market:

  • Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians
  • Managers and Executives of Private Companies
  • Self Employed Individuals

Qualified Borrowers:

1. Filipino Citizens
2. In practice, business or regularly employed for at least 3 years
3. Must have telephone landline at place of residence or work
4. Preferably with experience in business

Manner of payment:

Through post dated checks (PDC) via monthly or semi-monthly payments

Turn-around Time:

3 to 7 working days

Documentary Requirements:

1. Application and approval of the Franchise
2. Application to Makati Finance
Depending on the type of profession and amount of loan

Release of Loan proceeds:

Loan will be paid out directly to Franchisor

Steps to a financed franchise:

1) Fill up the form below(can be found on their website request for the Franchise Kit of the selected Company

2) You will receive the Franchise Kit of your choice.

3) Submit Letter of Intent and Confidential Questionnaire, which is part of the Franchise Kit

4) Your Franchise application is evaluated

5) You receive Sample of Franchise Agreement

6) Ask all necessary questions to Franchisor

7) If you are approved as Franchisee and you agree to the terms of the Franchise, then apply for the Financing with MFC (Makati Finance)

8) If your loan is approved, find a good location

9) Inspection of your location(s) by Franchisor

10) If location is approved, sign Franchise Agreement and loan papers

11) Set up of the Outlet

12) Undergo Training

13) Receive Pre – Opening Assistance

14) Grand Opening! You’re in business with your own Franchised Outlet!

Please visit their website for more details:

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