Friday, January 05, 2007

Managing interruptions in your work and business

Interruptions in your work and business

When you are busy in your work or in managing your business, nothing irritates more than interruptions from what you are currently doing or trying to achieve. Its enough to drive anyone crazy and go postal on somebody. Interruptions take up time and break your concentration.

Proper management of your time can prevent constant interruptions. Have someone screen your calls and intercept you visitors. Its better for someone to email you what they have to say rather than calling you up to talk to you personally. Let them know that you are off limits in certain times of the day, that you will not entertain any calls or visits except perhaps in dire emergencies.

Tell your suppliers or clients to call in advance and schedule an appointment. Learn to speak clearly and to listen so you save time from having to repeat yourself or have someone explain what they have already said. Don't do things all by yourself, delegate some responsibilities to reliable people. And finally the most important thing is after a long day of conducting you business or a long day of running the rat race, just stop and don't let your work or business affect you or your personal and family life. Unless you want to develop serious mental and medical conditions due to constantly stressing yourself out over work and business.


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