Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Inherited success in Philippine business

Nepotism in business?

In a country where nepotism is rampant in politics. Politicians who can no longer run for mayor, congressman or senator due to term limitations usually grooms one of his or her son or their spouse to run, even if they are not qualified or are mentally retarded. They will usually win the election due to influence from the former politician thus creating what we call a political dynasty. Political success can be inherited. But what about business success? Can it be also inherited?

If your father is Lucio Tan or Henry Sy, will it guarantee your success in business? Well luckily, unlike politics, business success cannot be inherited even if your family name is Ayala, Concepcion, Lopez etc., Business success comes to those who are deserving.

There are some who would like to believe that if you have money, you will succeed in business. But remember money, even lots of it, will not guarantee long term success.
succeeding in a business is not a matter of luck. There may be some cases of this, but they don't usually last long. Success is created, it is planned and it is earned. But no matter how much success you are experiencing, remember it is not permanent. Failure and rapid decline in your business may result from hundreds of reasons varying from timing, neglect, ego, trusting the wrong people or just plain bad luck.

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